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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Glass House by Rachel Caine

Glass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, #1) Glass Houses by Rachel Caine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Morganville Vampires's book 1 is called Glass houses by Rachel Caine. It really is a great book and series. I've really enjoyed the first four of what I've read so far and I'm excited for book 5 I have on order.


Claire Danvers is a freshman at college in Morganville, Texas. It’s an unprestigious college in equally unprestgious small college town. Clever and geeky, Claire never expected to fit in with the in-crowd of fashionable and popular girls but when she inadvertently makes an enemy of the clique’s leader Monica, she had no idea how bad things would get.

Unable to stay in the dorm, Claire looks for off-campus accommodation and answers an advert in the paper for a room-to-let in a creepy old shared house. Accepted into the house, she finally feels like she is making some real friends, even if they are a little odd.

Firstly, there is Michael the owner of the house, he’s only eighteen and a complete night owl. In fact, nobody has ever seen him during the day. Ever.

Eve, a Goth girl who works at the local coffee shop and is a fellow roommate in the Glass House swears that Michael’s okay and is not a vampire and she would know because she’s checked…. Although, she also claims that Morganville is a town run by vampires, so she could just be crazy.

Finally, there is Shane. He’s eighteen and although he doesn’t seem to do anything much all day apart from make chilli and kill zombies whilst playing computer games, Claire thinks he’s totally cool.

Her new roommates are the best thing about living in Morganville because, as it turns out, Eve isn’t crazy and the town is run by vampires. In Morganville you have two choices - you either work for the vampires and have their protection or you are fair game.

When Monica says she’s going to see Claire dead, she really means it. Luckily Claire’s new friends have her back and they hatch a plan to deal with the vampires and help her stay alive.

However, Morganville is a town full of secrets and some of the roommates have secrets of their own…

My thoughts:

Every town has its story. Morganville is a town run by the undead!
Claire finished high school early and is attending Texas Prairie University at the age of 16. Which is in a small town of town of Morganville, Texas. She's gone to the university because her parents don't her too far from home.
In Morganville Texas, there are a lot of strange disappearances and nobody dares step out of line or speak up about the people(teenagers), apart from the residents of the Glass House.
I really like Clair. She is cute and cunning and isn't interested in most of the things kids are today. She smart and pretty and a fun character to read. She not a mature character as in Vampire Academy or The House of night series, but she's a close third. I like that she has spunk! The rest of the characters are also whitty and refreshing. I find I'm liking Shane more and more.I find Eve and Michael are different from the usual friend characters in books and I like it. I love a new take on characters personalities.
I recommend them series. If you read YA vampire series this really is a a series to read. It's a well paced book and has great interesting characters. I enjoyed this book and cannot wait for book 5, which I'm on now!

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