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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heat Stroke by Rachel Caine

Heat Stroke
by Rachel Caine

My rating:
This book is one you don`t want to miss! 

Mistaken for a murderer, Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin is hunted down and killed by her colleagues. Reborn as a Djinn, she senses something sinister entering earth's atmosphere-something that makes tomorrow's forecast look deadly.

My Thoughts:
If you haven't read Ill Wind(book 1) this review may contain spoilers. If you have, read on!

Heat Stroke is the second installment in the Weather Wardens series by Rachel Caine. Joanne, once a powerful, yet impulsive Weather Warden who was capable of manipulating the natural forces of air and water to create or control storms, is now a Djinn. David turned her and now he's trying to teach her the ropes. Jo now must leave all things human behind(which she finds easier said than done) and learn how to be a djinn. What she doesn't realize is what Daivd had to go through to create her and now things are upside down in the rift.
She finally meets Jonathon(the one powerful god of the Djinn) and is told she must learn to harness power on her own or it won't just be her that will face the consequences. She has to be assigned to another Djinn to be trained and than Djinn is Patrick.(The only successful human-to-djinn transformation.) During her study with Patrick, Lewis asks permission for Joanne to be his Djinn to help him fix the rift, but doesn't succeed. Joanne is then captured by a horrible woman who will use her in ways she would never choose willingly.

I found this book a little more slow at the start, but the action and twists just before half way through made up for it. Again like the first book, I love the idea of the Weather Wardens and really find this series fresh and unique. The covers didn't draw me to it particularly, but like the old saying goes, "Don't judge a book by it's cover!" I really enjoyed the twists in this book. And like the first book, it ended on a cliffhanger with Joanna's new existence.

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Jo said...

Awesome review! I absolutely loved this book! I so can't wait to read the next one!

By the way, 2nd para in your thoughts, you put Jo is a "Weather" and didn't finish it, and in the 3rd, you've put "coincidences" instead of "consequences" - just thought you'd like to know :)

Natasha said...

Thanks! haha. I did 3 reviews in a row so there's probably a mistake or two elsewhere also. Thanks for teh head's up! :)

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