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Friday, November 27, 2009

Karen Marie Moning..The Book that never got written...

First off let me say that Karen Marie Moning is amazing and her writing is to die for. Between her Highlander series and her Fever series I'd say she's one of my favorite authors. She's right up with my other favorites, such as Kim Harrison, Richelle Mead, Jeaniene Frost, Laurell K Hamilton and many more. I admit I haven't read her whole Highlander series but I'm completely hooked on her Fever series for sure. The day I read the first book in the Fever series once finished, I immediately went right back out and got the next one. I cannot wait for Shadowfever in 2010, my only disappointment is that the series is going to be over once that book is out. I've read that she may have some type of spin off from that series with some of the same characters, so I'm truly hoping that happens!

I posted this because I was reading her blogspot and wanted to share her newest post. She has a cover of Darkfever(book 1 in the Fever series) that I've never seen before. It's how the cover and book was supposed to be, before she finished writing it..and what it turned out to be was far from it. I personally like both, but I'm super happy with the Fever series outcome and will continue to support and love Moning's writing. So for those who has yet to read and book by Karen Marie Moning, I HIGHLY recommend you do!
Taken from - - (click the blog title for the direct link to KMM's page.

"I've said before in interviews that I didn't want to write the Fever series, and that I had no intention of cooperating when the story idea began stalking me and wouldn't go away.

I had another Keltar novel planned. Don't get me wrong, I always intended to spin another series off my Highlanders, which is why I layered in all the complex background, but I had no idea the next series would be such a departure from what I had been writing until it was nearly done. By then it was too late to re-design and sell in a new cover.

Now you know where Darkfever's cover came from."


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