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Friday, November 27, 2009

Lover Awakened by J.R Ward

Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #3) Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward

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Synopsis from Amazon:
Deeply scarred without and within, vampire warrior Zsadist believes that he is unworthy of either compassion or true love. One night a glimmer of hope crosses his path, embodied in the young civilian Bella; yet, true to form, he pushes her away. But when the enemy of their race kidnaps Bella, Zsadist can't rest until he finds her, and once he does, he faces his biggest threat to date as fate grants him one last chance at peace. Ward spins her take on Beauty and the Beast into a raw, gritty tour de force, creating an array of ugliness and beauty, pain and pleasure in a tale that sparks enough plot stunners to keep readers fascinated for years to come. Not for the faint of heart--strong sexuality and stronger language rule here--this genre-bending third novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, following Lover Eternal (2006), is a perfect fit for those who like fast-paced urban fantasy rich in both fury and poignancy.

My Thoughts:
So, I just realized I've never done a review on one of my favorite books ever. I don't know why I skipped this, maybe because I couldn't write anything to do it justice? I'm not sure, what I do know though is that I completely love this book. J.R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series is one of the most addictive series for vampire fiction/ urban fantasy? / paranormal romance fans. I haven't read a book in this series that I didn't enjoy. I love them all but my favorites are Zsadists story(this one) and Vishous's story(Lover Unbound). I don`t want to give away to many spoilers, so I won`t make it super long. Anyway, on with the review.

Lover Awakened is the third book in the BDBH series by the amazing J.R Ward. It follows the story of Zsadist and Bella. Zsadist's story really begins in Lover Eternal when he meets Bella, and Lover Awakened starts off right where Lover Eternal ends, with Bellas disappearance. Zsadist is known for many things and one is that he mainly treats his Brothers with lack of respect and often makes his brother to do things that the gentle Phury detests. He has been an outcast his whole life, he has never loved or been loved. (Besides by his softer sided brother Phury, and even he can't get close enough to him to be 100%).Zsadist is scarred emotional as well as physically. He is looked at as a monster and a woman killer; noone really knows Zsadist, not even himself, but what people think they know about completely wrong. Sure, he's done his share of none mentionable things, but you have to realize he's never known any different, he can't know how to show kindness if none was ever shown to him.

Throughout the book Zsadist is mainly pushing Bella away. He thinks he's not worthy of her and thinks of himself as broken and none fixable. Bella is captivated by Zsadist in ways she didn't understand. She feels a connection with him and even though he hates to admit it to himself or anyone, he has that connection with her also. She calms him and makes him feel things he has never felt before. Bella comes from a very high class vampire family and even though she was currently looked upon as 'used goods', she was still looked at a female of too high standards to be with the sadist Zsadist. But Bella doesn't think that way, nor would she want others to, but some people are harder to convince than others. And one person who is hard to convince is her stubborn, alpha vampire male brother Rhvenge. Which causes a few conflicts towards Bella`s goals and happiness.

All around this is amazing story. It was touching and heart wrenching. The writing was beautiful and the characters were perfect. I found this story was put together the best of all the books in the series and has great twists and surprises. I HIGHLY recommend this series to those who haven't read it yet. What are you waiting for? :)

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Misty said...

Hey. Started to post this as a response on my page, but figured here would be a definite way to get you to see it. It's fine that you put the 12 Blogs of Christmas in your sidebar; that was what the html box was for. And for being the first, and before you even knew what it was all going to be about, you get an additional ten entries in my portion of the contest (happening in a couple weeks); so when I put mine up, just remind me of that. :D

Misty said...

Also, I've never read any of Ward's books, but I've heard great things about them. I really should. I won a copy of Covet (the new series) a little while back. Maybe I'll start there...

Natasha said...

That`s awesome about the ten entries, thanks a bunch! And as for the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, I highly recommend it. Most love it, so it`s worth the try!

Ashleigh C said...

I am so with you on the favorite books of JR Ward. I love Vishous and Zsadist's stories so much! And I cannot wait for Lover Mine to come out. Did you read Covet?

Natasha said...

I'm reading Lover Avenged right now actually. I had it for a while but I was reading other series, so I had to wait. I'm loving this so far, it's better than I thought it would be.
I bought Covet at the same time as Lover Avenged, so I'll get to that next! :)

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