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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Untamed by P.C Cast

Untamed (House of Night, #4) Untamed by P.C. Cast

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Untamed is the fourth installment in the popular House of Night YA fantasy series by P.C & Kristin Cast. I'm a fan of this series. My favorite YA vampire series so far is Vampire Academy but this is a close second. The characters have unique quirks that make them intriguing and fun to read, the plot is varied and interesting. I found the more I read of this series, the better it becomes. I liked each new book better than the last. It has great emotion and steamy romance. Sometimes her love triangle can be a bit over reached but they still make me want to read more and know what happens next! I love the chemistry the characters have in this series. Fighting, joking around or in serious conversation I find myself interested to what they are saying and rarely get bored.

Untamed picks up after Chosen. Everything in Zoey's life has just been burned. No boyfriends, her friends abandoned her and Nefert is getting worse and Zoey has to stop her evil plans. Neferet is no longer standing on the side of light and reason. So things don't start out so great for Zoey.
A new enemy is revealed in this installment and it seems to be worse than she's ever heard of. It's a blending of Native American myth with the existing vampire mythology. And it's on the verge of making itself known.
Hunted is the Next book which I'm really excited about. I cannot wait to see what happens next, I've hear good things! This young adult series should easily appeal to both teens and adults. :)

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