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Friday, December 11, 2009

FLESH CIRCUS by Lilith Saintcrow

Flesh Circus (Jill Kismet, #4) Flesh Circus by Lilith Saintcrow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Cirque de Charnu has come.

They will clean out the demons and the suicides, and move on. As long as they stay within the rules, Jill Kismet can't deny them entry. But she can watch--and if they step out of line, she'll send them packing.

When Cirque performers start dying grotesquely, Kismet has to find out why, or the fragile truce won't hold and her entire city will become a carnival of horror. She also has to play the resident hellbreed power against the Cirque to keep them in line, and find out why ordinary people are needing exorcisms. And then there's the murdered voodoo practitioners, and the zombies.

An ancient vengeance is about to be enacted. The Cirque is about to explode. And Jill Kismet is about to find out some games are played for keeps...

My thoughts:
Let me start off by saying I LOVE Lilith Saintcrow. I've read her Dante Valentine series and now her Jill Kismet series and I'm a huge fan of each. Her writing is wonderful and face paced. I'm always stoked when a new book is released because I know it's going to be good. Saintcrow really knows how to grab my attention in a book!

Flesh Circus continues the urban fantasy saga of Jill Kismet(#4) hunter of Santa Luz. Like past books Jill is a kick-ass heroine who protects her city from the evil supernatural that threatens it.
As if Jill doesn't have enough on her plate being the only hunter in Santa Luz , then the Cirque de Charnu comes to town. Trouble is around each corner for Jill and now even her personal life is threatening to crumble, she doesn't want to give up her only chance at happiness but she has a job to do and business comes before pleasure for Jill always.

I really like Saul's character but personally I find it lacking in development. It describes him a few times and he is a constant in many scenes, but I find although I cannot find nothing bad with his character, I find something missing with him. Jill's character is right on with personality and her structure. I find myself always rooting for her, as for Saul.. I find I'm not as close with him as I wish I could be. I just I could understand his character more.

This book follows the same formula as the previous books in Jill Kismet series, mixing thrilling scenes, exciting romance, supernatural creatures and awesome twists and surprises. As for the book in general I give it a 5 out of 5. It's beautifully written. The suspense is perfect and thrilling and I'm always left begging fore more!

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