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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bella Mia by Mandy M. Roth

Bella Mia Bella Mia by Mandy M. Roth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

On the run from two men who want her, Gwyneth Stevens finds herself at the door of a third-Giovanni Baldassare, master vampire and former henchman of her father, the King of the Dark Realm. When Pallo and Caleb resurface, all
hell breaks loose and old habits die hard. Out of time and places to hide, Gwen must face her destiny head on if she ever hopes to find happiness. Can the triangle of lovers make welcome a newcomer, or will the group succumb
to old enemies resurfacing and centuries-old grudges, allowing history to repeat itself?

My thoughts:
In Bella Mia(the final book in the Daughter of Darkness trilogy), since Gwen is on the run she is staying with Giovanni Baldassare. She's still unsure of her feelings for Giovanni and hopes to find out her past life with him and how things really ended. Also Pallo and Caleb resurface and it seems there's more problems than ever before. It's hard to explain without spoilers but I have to say that this is an amazing book with so much emotion that it really makes you get into this book and feel for the characters. It has great twists and turns and the lusty scenes and perfect!
Bella Mia is a fantastic addition to the Daughter of Darkness. I was hooked from the first book, I couldn't stop reading. I love the characters and even though the book has lusty scenes and Gwyneth Stevens has different's not the only part of the story. She has many great relationships with her friends who help her when she needs it most and I cannot wait to hear more of their stories. The constant mystery that has to be discovered throughout each book is fun and fast-paced. The only thing was I was disappointed that there weren't more in the series. BUT, I've been told that there will be more books branched off with some of the I'm very happy about that.

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