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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Eve of Chaos by S.J Day

Eve of Chaos (Marked, Book 3) Eve of Chaos by S.J. Day

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My thoughts:

Eve of Chaos is the third and installment in the Marked series by S.J Day. It was supposed to be a trilogy but I've read that S.J Day is planning more books in the series. Which I am excited about. The stories in each book can be somewhat similar but the quality in each book remains high. Each book is a great read, especially for those who love Urban Fantasy with romance and plenty of action. I went out and bought a three books at once and was glad I did. As for the characters, I like them a lot. Eve is a feisty, kick ass babe that doesn't take no for an answer, since being 'Marked' that only made her even more tough. But eve isn't just tough, she has a sensual side that both brothers can't resist. I find it hard to choose who I like more, Cain(Alec) or Abel(Reed). Both are tall, dark and mysterious. Not to mention, they are THE Cain and Abel. Eve finds herself torn between the two of them. Cain and Abel couldn't be more different. Each have their own side and personality that both work for them. I find myself feeling what Eve does, so I get confused on my favorite at times as well. For this book if I had to choose who I was routing for I found myself leaning towards Abel, when I was usually for Cain..but I'm not putting my money on just one at this point.:P

In Eve of Chaos Eve is having even more problems than usual. Since she killed Satan's pet Hell Hound in the previous book, he now has even worse plans for Eve, that she's not sure she can take. He's also put a bounty on her head, and every horrible demon in the greater Los Angeles area is now gunning for her. Eve just doesn't have it easy. The Archangel Raguel is being held captive in Hell by Satan awaiting rescue from the other Archangels and now there's a new Archangel, Cain. Cain was 'promoted' to Archangel when Raguel disappeared and is now running Raguel's spot in the North American firm. Ever since Cain became a Archangel, things are different. He's not himself, and he knows it. He's hearing voices in his head that are disturbing and wrong. Eve and Abel try to help, but it may not be enough. And now Abel is the only one Eve can count of during times of stress and importance, and even he has his fall outs. Eve is in over her head but doesn't back down. When her friends are on the line, she will get to the bottom of it. I hope there is more to come because book three ended with a sort of cliffhanger. Eve, Cain and Abel are a wicked triangle that has much potential. I hope there is more to come because book three ended with a sort of cliffhanger.

All in all, it's a great series. I like the different play with angels and demons, heaven and hell. I found it interesting and compelling. If your a Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance fan, you'll love the Marked series. Get into it!

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