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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interview with Tate Hallaway

I'm very excited to post this interview. I'm a HUGE Tate Hallaway fan and was very excited when she agreed to do an interview with me. She's both sweet and funny! She's very cool. Her books are amazing, and if you have yet to read them, I hope after this interview you will!

Hi Tate!

Welcome to Book Mark Your Thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

Hey, you’re welcome. I’m glad to be here.

So, how has your new year been going so far?

Crazy. This year I have potentially three books coming out (Honeymoon of the Dead, Almost to Die For, and a small press science fiction book Resurrection Code), and at least one young adult novel to write (the sequel to Almost to Die For currently titled Almost Final Curtain.)

I’m actually still finishing up the small press project, so it’s been write, write, write.

Can you tell us a little about your Garnet Lacey series and the storyline that drives it?

Well, Garnet Lacey is a witch whose been possessed by the dark goddess Lilith through a sort of, kind of “accident” involving a rogue band of Vatican witch hunters. She starts the series out torn between to vampires, as it were: the rakish Daniel Parrish and the sophisticated Sebastian Von Traum.

In her mundane life, Garnet is the manager (later owner) of the premier occult bookshop and herb emporium, Mercury Crossing. She’s helped in her adventures by a Scooby gang that includes her co-worker, William (the amazing beta punching boy), Izzy (barista extraordinaire) and Mátyás (Sebastian’s immortally teenage half-vampire/half-Romany dream-walking son).

How did you come up with your catchy titles?

I asked my Facebook friends for suggestions. Seriously.

You have really great cover art for your books. Who designed the covers?
According to the inside flap the cover art by is by Margarete Gockel and was designed by Monica Benalcazar.

I absolutely love Garnet. How much do you and Garnet have in common? Is she based on you?

She is… although she’s a lot cuter than I have ever been. It’s kind of funny, actually, because I often bring chapters in to my writers’ group while they’re still in process. One of my fellow writers and dear friends, Kelly McCullough, will often look at the things Garnet chooses to do and say during critique, “I can’t believe this character. What, is she galacticly stupid?” And, I’m thinking, “Huh, I just wrote what I thought I’d do in that situation.”

Embarrassing, but funny.

Of course, I’m also Wiccan, but, uh, let’s just say Garnet’s magic is a LOT more dramatic than mine.

Which character/characters were the most hard to write?

Sebastian’s ex-fiancee, the vambie (vampire/zombie) Tereza. She’s a character I find sympathetic and repulsive, and that’s complicated to write. I want her to be creepy, but I also want the readers not to be so turned off by her that they can’t understand Sebastian’s conflict, you know?

It’s not always successful, and, plus I can never remember how I originally spelled her name.

Will we be seeing more of Parrish in 'HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD'?

Sadly, no.

The thing is, I didn’t know that Honeymoon was going to be the last book in the series when I wrote it. I found out soon enough to change the acknowledgements page, but not soon enough to re-write the book in any significant way to wrap up all the story threads. If I’d known, I would have restructured the book so that we could spend significant time with all the favorites (and I know there’s a whole bunch of people who are Parrish fans – including myself!)

The really sad thing is that I had a Parrish-centric book in the works. I’d proposed one (actually two) where the main conflict revolves around his maker and his history. If you’re curious to see the proposals, I reproduced them on my blog (

You will be coming out with a new YA book (ALMOST TO DIE FOR) in August of this year. What inspired you to write in the Young Adult genre?

The wild success of Twilight!

No, seriously, I think that YA is, in many ways, the new “it” genre. Not just because of the Twilight phenomenon, but also because it’s boundaries are so wide open. It’s genre is young adult – not fantasy or science fiction or mystery or what have you – so it’s a lot freer. Plus, there are some phenomenal authors writing YA right now, and frankly, I wanted to be among their number.

Do you have any plans of writing more Adult books in the future? Or are you going to stick to YA for a while?

Yes to both. I’m contract for at least three young adult books. Like I said at the start, I’ll be writing the sequel to Almost to Die For this year (so it will be out in 2011, fingers crossed,) and another will follow in 2012.

My agent just harassed me (in a nice way) today about the adult books I’m hoping to propose to my editor later this month. They won’t be Garnet books, of course, but they’re both urban fantasy ideas… one is even an urban fantasy/murder mystery. I don’t want to say too much else about them though, since they’re literally only in the idea-stage.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my pesky questions!

Book 1-4 in the Garnet Lacey series

Book 5 in the Garnet Lacey series.
Release date: May4th

Click HERE to pre-order HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD on Amazon

Book 1 in A Vampire Princess of St. Paul Novel.
Release Date: August 3rd

Click HERE to pre-order ALMOST TO DIE FOR on Amazon


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hahaha.... I TBR'd Almost To Die for the other day!!! I am soOOO looking forward to that one!!
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Great interview btw... *waving* Hi Tate!!!

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I so enjoyed reading your interview! Loving it! I have huge TBR pile but I am going to do some manuvering to add the Garnet series and Almost To Die For up on the top of my reading pile. :) Hi Tate! Wish you lots of success in this upcoming new series!


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