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Monday, February 8, 2010

More Vampire Memories by Barb Hendee on the way?!?

It's no mystery that I LOVE Barb Hendee and her Vampire Memories series. It caught me from page one and kept me in my seat for the whole book each time. It's a page turner to say the least. It was made around 15 years ago and was re-released in just the past few years and I'm so happy for that. Even with the date, the books are not out dated. They are very interesting and have a great 'new' take on the vampire world.
Recently Barb emailed me that her publisher made an offer for two
more Vampire Memories novels. When I read those words I couldn't help but Woop!!
Since the contracts are not signed yet, it's not official, but the chance that there will be more of this series is more than I could ask! I was very happy to hear the news.
So for all you people who have yet to read this series, I recommend you do so soon!

Book 1 in the Vampire Memories Series

Click HERE to buy a copy of Blood Memories on Amazon
Click HERE to visit Barb Hendees Website

A bold new series from the USA Today and New York Times best selling co-author of the Noble Dead saga.

Eleisha Clevon has the face of a teen angel, but she is no angel. Unlike most vampires, she doesn't like to kill, but self-preservation comes first.
When an old friend destroys himself by walking into sunlight right in front of her, Eleisha is shocked. And what she finds afterward points to how very sick of his existence he had become — piling drained corpses in the basement and keeping records of other vampires' real names and addresses.
Because now, there are policemen on the case: two very special humans with some gifts of their own. They know who Eleisha is, and, even more dangerous, what she is.

Praise for the Noble Dead saga:
"A mix of Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer."
—Kevin J. Anderson, New York Times bestselling author

"A tale of ancient enmities, long-standing treacheries, and a hidden evil... peopled... with fascinatingly complex characters."
—Library Journal


Paper Cut Reviewer said...

I really got to but this book! It's like when I get to the bookstore I forget what book I came for and I walk out with 4 different books instead. *laughing* I will stay focused next time and get Blood Memories:o)

Paper Cut Reviewer said...

lol! I meant buy this book.

Natasha said...

haha! :)

jacabur1 said...

Nice updates on the site Tasha, like the new look and also some day am going to get all the books in this series but right now it is on a wish list!!!

have a good day!

jackie b central texas

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