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Friday, March 5, 2010

Dead Witch Walking(The Hollow, book1) By Kim Harrison

Dead Witch Walking
by Kim Harrison

My rating:   
Frigging Amazing!


Rachel Morgan is a witch and an Inderland Security (IS) runner. It is her job to investigate and bring to justice black magic witches, rogue werewolves, and vampires in breach of the law. Lately though the only jobs her boss will send her on are prank spells and chasing trolls out from under bridges and even these simple jobs seem to keep going wrong for her. Rachel decides she can do better investigative work than this if she is self employed and quits her job. Rachel’s work colleague Ivy, a living vampire, decides to quit too and they both leave together to start their own agency.

Unfortunately no one ever leaves the IS unless they can buy back their contract. Ivy can afford to buy her own contract but Rachel isn’t so lucky. Her boss puts a death contract out on her and Rachel has to fight for her life as were, witch and fairy assassins try to collect the bounty on her head.

The IS has been trying to arrest Trent Kalamack a city councilor and successful businessman for years but have never managed to find the evidence to make the charges stick. Rachel has a tip off about Trent’s illegal activities and knows that if she can give the IS Trent they will call off her death contract. Dodging assassins is easier than catching Trent. Ruthless and inhuman, Trent has no intention of facing trial for his crimes and Rachel’s troubles are just beginning….

My Thoughts:

The first book in The Hollows series by the awesome Kim Harrison.It was released in 2004 I think but I didn't get to read it until 2008 and once I started I read each right after eachother and finished within one week. I LOVED this book. The Hollows is my favorite series ever and that's really hard to say considering I Love so many series. Kim just writes an amazing story and keeps on you on your toes and begging for more. Each edition in the series is a addiction and a hoot! The characters are especially awesome. Rachel is a white witch who's taste in men can be questioning. Ivy Tamwood is a living vampire who's sexy and dangerous but also a great friend. And Jenks! Hes my main pixie man. I love his dry humor and witty sayings(Tinks diaphragm!). They all make the story awesome to read.

The Hollows is an alternate history, bioengineering created a plague that killed a lot humans. (Humans don't eat tomatoes which causes them to die!) This allowed the supernatural inhabitants (Witches, Pixies, Vampires, Weres, etc.) known as Inderlanders to come out of hiding since they were no longer outnumbered. In this book, Rachel is an Inderland Security Runner(The Inderland Security bureau was set up by Inderlanders to police the activities of other Inderlanders.) who doesn't find her job as fulfilling as she hoped(being assigned one too many crappy jobs) and so she takes advantage of capturing a leprechaun for tax evasion. The leprechan gives her three wishes and she can't refuse. So Rach, Ivy and Jenks gets a wish. They form their own runner service named Vampiric Charms from their house(which used to be a church). Rachel winds up with a price on her head which makes things interesting to say the least.
Ivy and Rachel’s relationship is intriguing. They are business partners and also live together,(along with Jenks and his family). You'll see that Ivy and Rachel have a different relationship than most.
This book has a supernatural and magic theme along with a great plot and humor style. I find myself wishing to be the characters at parts which is funny considering the situations they get themselves in.
I would most defiantly recommend this book! Each book gets better and better and I heard it's going to be a long series. But unlike the other long series this one keeps getting better and keeps your interest!

Here’s an example I found on a site:

The air blurred before me, and I staggered as I realized the thing had changed again, now into a tall, sophisticated young man dressed in a formal frock and coat. Was it a vamp? A really old vampire?

“Perhaps you’re afraid of pain?” The vision of an elegant man said, its accent now proper enough for even Professor Henry Higgins. Grinning, it picked me up and threw me across the room.

My back hit the cabinet with enough force to knock the air from me. The clatter of my knife on the floor was loud as my fingers lost their grip. Struggling to breathe, I slid down the broken cabinet and was helpless as the thing lifted me by my dress front.

”What are you?” I rasped.

It smiled. “Whatever scares you.”

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