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Monday, March 22, 2010

Fables: Animal Farm (Fables#2) by Bill Willingham

Fables: Animal Farm (Fables, #2) Fables: Animal Farm by Bill Willingham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Fables:Animal Farm is the second volume in the Fables graphic novel series by Bill Willingham.
I recently purchased, Fables: Legends in Exile and was admittedly hooked! (Click HERE to read the review for Vol 1).
Willingham turns our everyday fables and fairy tales into something life like yet twisted. Bill Willingham is Brilliant!

Collecting FABLES #6-10, the second story arc of the fan-favorite, critically acclaimed VERTIGO series. Travel to upstate New York, where the non-human Fable characters have found refuge on a farm, miles from mankind. But all is not well on the farm — and a conspiracy to free them from the shackles of their perceived imprisonment may lead to a war that could wrest control of the Fables community away from Snow White. Starring Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Plus, a sketchbook section featuring art by Willingham, Buckingham and Jean.

My thoughts:
As for the plot for Fables: Ani­mal Farm goes, it's pretty firm and keeps you on your toes. The fables who now live in New York, were forced out of their home­land by some­one named The Adver­sary. They had to aban­doned their kindoms, homes and for­tunes and cre­ated a new secret com­mu­nity in New York which is led by King Cole and his deputy, Snow White. And yet, Snow is mostly the boss.
The Fables who look human enough are allowed to live in New York or “Fable­town" as they refer to it, while the non-human fables reside out­side the city, on the farm. They are sick of having their movements restricted. They feel as if they are in a prison and have taken up arms to reclaim their traditional homelands. Their rebellion is discovered by Snow White and Rose Red when they take the bi-annual trip up to the farm. Snow knows they have to find a way to stop it, but will Rose be on her side?

Each character is amazing in their own way. But I can't help but love Bigby. I'm also becoming a huge fan of Fox. I can't get enough of this series.
Even if your not a graphic novel reader, this series is still a great choice. It's filled with suspense, romance, humor, and twisted surprises! I cannot wait to read Volume 3. :)

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