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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Review - FABLES: Legends in Exile (Vol 1) By Bill Willingham

Fables: Legends in Exile (Fables, #1) Fables: Legends in Exile by Bill Willingham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Length: 128 pages

Genre: Graphic Novel; Fantasy/Mystery

Fairy Tales and legends grown up!

When their homeland was taken over by The Adversary, fairy tale inhabitants fled to New York, where they’ve been living inconspicuously amongst the “mundanes”. This first volume in the series focuses around two main characters – Snow White, the second-in-command of Fabletown, and Bigby Wolf, its de facto sheriff – as they try to figure out what happened to Rose Red, Snow’s half sister… who has gone missing, and whose apartment was found covered in blood. Volume 1 is a collection of the first five issues of the comic.

My thoughts:
Fables: Legends in Exile is my first Bill Willingham graphic novel.
I was really pleased by both the art and the story. The story was one I could get addicted to fast.
The idea of fairy tale creatures being cast out of the kingdoms to live among us was good enough for me to read, but adding Snow White as basically the ruler of the fables and Big bad wolf being the Sheriff of them, had me reeled in!
Red Rose (Snow Whites sister) has gone missing, and her disappearance looks deadly. Snow wants to be involved in capturing her kidnapper, but Bigby(Big bad wolf) is the only one who can truly find her kidnapper(or killer). Because who knows, Snow White could have also been a good suspect.
The mystery and suspense is great, the introduction of the characters is well done and the characters in general are awesome because you get the legends your used to and they are twisted into something else.. something more dark and interesting.

This comic alone features the New York fables and a few of the others.
But each new comic introduces more great fables. From Beauty and the Beast's marital difficulties, the less charming ways of Prince Charming, the funny rant from Pinocchio at the party to Red Rose's rebellious side, it's definitely worth the read. At times I couldn't put it down, and other parts where I laughed out loud. It's a great start to a new series. I'm dying to read the next one..Fables: Animal Farm!

This book features mainly the New York fables (up to 1.14) But a few others are also featured in this installment. Here's the list of the legends that will be featured :
(taken from wikipedia)

# 1 New York Fables
* 1.1 Bigby Wolf
* 1.2 Snow White
* 1.3 "The Cubs"
* 1.4 Prince Charming
* 1.5 Beauty and the Beast
* 1.6 Old King Cole
* 1.7 Pinocchio
* 1.8 Briar Rose
* 1.9 Cinderella
* 1.10 Kay
* 1.11 Doctor Swineheart
* 1.12 Trusty John
* 1.13 Grimble
* 1.14 Hobbes
# 2 Thirteenth Floor Fables
* 2.1 Frau Totenkinder
* 2.2 Ozma
* 2.3 Great Fairy Witch
* 2.4 Maddy
* 2.5 Mr. Grandours
* 2.6 Mrs. Someone
* 2.7 Prospero
* 2.8 Mr. Kadabra
* 2.9 Geppetto
# 3 Others
# 4 The Farm
* 4.1 Rose Red
* 4.2 Boy Blue
* 4.3 Weyland Smith
* 4.4 The Three Little Pigs
* 4.5 The Three Bears
* 4.6 Others
# 5 Villains
* 5.1 The Adversary
* 5.2 Goldilocks
* 5.3 Bluebeard
* 5.4 Ichabod Crane
* 5.5 Baba Yaga
* 5.6 The Snow Queen
* 5.7 Rodney and June
* 5.8 Hansel
* 5.9 The Gnome King
* 5.10 The Wooden Soldiers
* 5.11 Max Piper
* 5.12 Mister Dark
# 6 Literals and Part-Literals
* 6.1 Jack Horner
* 6.2 Kevin Thorn
* 6.3 Pathetic Fallacy
* 6.4 Mr. Revise
* 6.5 Writer's Block
* 6.6 Prose Page
* 6.7 The Page Sisters
* 6.8 Jack Frost II
* 6.9 Bookburner
* 6.10 The Genres
# 7 Others
* 7.1 Flycatcher
* 7.2 Red Riding Hood
* 7.3 The Tourists
* 7.4 The North Wind
* 7.5 Sinbad
* 7.6 Tommy Sharp
* 7.7 Santa Claus
* 7.8 Dunster Happ
* 7.9 Aladdin

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ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...

Very cool!!!

I have only read 2 graphic novels but they were in a series that were regular written novels. I must admit I am clueless on GN but been hearing more and more about them!!

Anonymous said...

Nice review. We have a award for you over at our blog

vslavetopassionv said...

I have never heard of this one but it looks awesome. I'll have to check it out. :)


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