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Friday, May 14, 2010

25 Things About Me

25 Things About Me (Continued from My Overstuffed Bookshelf)
If there were ever a book written about me, this is the list you would find at the front. Come join in the fun and share yours as well!

1. Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed?
Doesn't matter..usually closed though. It's mostly filled and a bit messed, so I'd rather close it than rather loose my cat in it.. lol
2. Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotels?
Duh! It's in the cost, right? haha!
3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
They usually start tucked in, but I love to tuck them under me and ball up in them! lol
4. Would you rather be attacked by a bear or a swarm of bees?
I agree with Amy, neither..but if I had to pick, bees. I think I could out run them.. and if not, I'm not allergic, so I don't think I'd die.. I hope. lol
5. Do you have freckles?
Yes. Dare you to see me in the sun!!! I used to be called Punky Brewster!!
6. What is your biggest pet peeve?
When someone talks to me when I'm brushing my teeth or washing my face.. It's obvious I can't talk back, or hardly hear what they are saying!!!
7. Have you ever peed in the woods?
I live in the country.. YES. Was I drinking? Most Likely. But I'm not proud of it. Will I do it again? Probably. hehe
8. Do you ever dance if there’s no music playing?

All the time. I make my own music. ;)

9. Do you chew your pens and pencils?

Often. I can't help it. It's a habbit...
10. Is it okay for guys to wear pink?
Why not? I mean, don't wear it everyday..but once in a while is okay. lol
11. What do you dip a chicken nugget in?
Ketchup. I put Ketchup on my ketchup!!!!!!!
12. What is your favorite food?
mmm. Pasta anything. Keish. Nachos! Etc...

13. What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
Superbad, Evil Dead 2, Re-Animator, Hocus Pocus, Halloween, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Super Troopers, Nightmare Before Christmas, Etc...
14. Were you ever a boy/girl scout?
I was in Brownies for a day?
15. Would you ever strip or pose nude in a magazine?
I don't see why I'd be asked? haha But, no..just don't see it! lol
16. Can you change the oil on a car?
I can put oil in the car, I don't think I could do a full oil change without messing something up..
17. Ever gotten a speeding ticket?
18. Ever ran out of gas?
No, thank god.. lol
19. Are you lazy?
I'm not going to lie.. I prob am a lot.. but I try not to be. lol I like working and going out, but yah know.. lol
20. When you were a kid, what did you dress up as for Halloween?
I was a Witch, Minny Mouse, Mortisha Adams and CAT WOMAN! I was 5, so it wasn't toooo sexy now. :p hehe
21. How many languages can you speak?
Hmm. I'm not completely fluent in others, but I can speak french, spanish and a bit of Italian. I'm learning more Italian because it's my family:P hehe
22. Who is better…Leno or Letterman?
Conan O`Brian! lol
23. Do you sing in the car?
24. Ever eat a pierogi?
Pierogis rock! hehe Add more cheese, green onions and sour cream. MMMMMMMM!
25. First concert?
I don't remember.. Alexisonfire ? Cancer Bats? I forget.

Now it's your turn!!!

- From My Overstuffed Bookshelf -

I would love to see everyone else share this on their blogs! If you decide to do it, leave me a link so I can come read it and comment!


Amy J - Book Addict said...

I totally forgot about Christmas Vacation! My husband knows all of the lines by heart!

Merry Christmas! Shitter's Full!

[Todd and Margo Chester, the Griswold's yuppie neighbors, appear]
Todd: Hey Griswold. Where do you think you're gonna put a tree that big?
Clark: Bend over and I'll show you.
Todd: You've got a lot of nerve talking to me like that Griswold.
Clark: I wasn't talking to you.


Amy J - Book Addict said...

I saw your Zsadist button! You soooo need to make me one for Tohr!

Natasha said...

I will once I find a good pic for sure. I'll try tomorrow! hehe

I'd love to for all of them!

s7anna said...

21. How many languages can you speak?
Hmm. I'm not completely fluent in others, but I can speak french, spanish and a bit of Italian. I'm learning more Italian because it's my family:P hehe

Dudette...that's wicked cool...I am so NOT linguistically able...

Heather said...

My husband loves SuperBad but I have to remind him that 2 year olds have a brain like a sponge. I can just see her repeating every bad word that say.

jacabur1 said...

Natasha, you and me and our little kitties and closets!!! Pet Peeve #6 is one of mine also, never fails Husband wants to come ask about something when am running water and brushing my teeth!!!

Here is mine come check em out...

jackie b central texas

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