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Thursday, May 27, 2010

In My Mailbox!

I was pretty happy today, when I received my winning copy of Iron Man 2 in to mail!
Thanks to Isalys @ Book ♥ Soulmates

The movie was amazing, I seen it twice in the theaters, so I cannot wait to read the book!

"I am Iron Man." With those words, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark revealed his secret identity. Now a famous high-tech superhero, he uses his powers to protect mankind. Yet things are not going well for Tony Stark. The U.S. military demands control of the most powerful weapon on earth--the Iron Man suit. His beautiful new assistant has a strange, mysterious agenda while his best friend, Rhodey, has betrayed him. And Tony is hunted by a vengeful Russian criminal armed with a lethal technology that may be stronger than Tony's suit. But even as he fights his demons, the hero faces his greatest threat--one that no armor can defend against . . .


Chas @ LLL in the 808 said...


Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Hello! Thank you for commenting and entering in my giveaway for Lord of the Changing Winds. I always try to venture to the blogs on new followers, but sometimes I don't alway find the links so easily. But when you commented it made it easier to find you. You have a great looking blog here and a lot of eye catchers for me. I am now a follower and looking forward to reading some great posts. :)

I hope you enjoy this. I have heard the movie is really fun to watch. We are hoping to see it, but we will see if we make it to the theater. Although, they are always better on the big screen.

Thank you!

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