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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review: Bite Marks (Jaz Parks, book 6) by Jennifer Rardin

Bite Marks (Jaz Parks, #6) Bite Marks by Jennifer Rardin

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Jaz Parks here. But I'm not alone. I'm hearing voices in my head - and they're not mine.

The problem, or maybe the solution, is work. And the job's a stinker this time — killing the gnomes that are threatening to topple NASA's Australian-based space complex. Yeah, I know. Vayl and I should still be able to kick this one in our sleep. Except that Hell has thrown up a demon named Kyphas to knock us off track. And damn is she indestructible!

This is Jennifer Rardin’s sixth ‘Jaz Parks’ book. I've been a big fan from book one.
Jasmine (Jaz) Parks is an assassin with the CIA, who works with her handsome Romanian vampire boss, Vayl, to track down supernatural terrorists around the world. Since book one there's been sexual tension between Jaz and Vayl, and this book is all about them finally becoming a couple and trusting each other to rely on one another.
Jaz and the team (Vayl, Cole, Bergman, Cassandra) are back and are in Australia’s capital, Canberra. Now when I say the team, I cannot for Jack, the hilariously cute dog and now there's one more quirky pet into the picture, but I won't give anything away.

The story picks up right where Jaz left off in ‘One More Bite’.
Jaz and her team find themselves on an assignment to stop a horde of gnomes led by the followers of the god Ufran from getting their larvae into the Canberra Deep Space Complex. She also finds herself with some extra company who makes her life even more difficult. ( Pretty crazy! )
This book is one of the more serious ones when it comes to the relationship between Jaz and Vayl. I found it was a turning point in the series.Their personal life is mixing with their professional life, and we get to see how they handle it. In Bite Marks Bergman and Cassandra also both play pretty important roles in the plot, and we get to see more of some other characters motivations. Like always, Cole is hilarious. At times, I wish Jaz and him were together, but most of the time I love Vayl more.

I think there was a set up for the next story with Cole and Kyphas from Cassandra's vision. Something big is going to happen. I hope Cole will be okay! He's a sucker for a girl with good looks. *shakes my head*. All that said, Rardin outdid herself with this one. Like all the Jaz books, it was filled with great action and twists. I loved it and cannot wait to read Bitten In Two.

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Book Whisperer said...

This is one of my absolute favorite series... I hope you have enjoyed them all as much as I have.

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