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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review: Father Mine(BDBH, book 6.5) by J.R Ward

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story by J.R. Ward
published: October 7th 2008 by NAL
details: Kindle Edition
characters: Zsadist, Bella

My rating:

Readers met and fell in love with Zsadist and Bella in J.R. Ward's third New York Times bestselling novel in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, Lover Awakened. As a former blood slave, Zsadist bore the scars from a past filled with suffering and degradation until Bella came along and helped heal his emotional wounds. Now, though, with the birth of their child, the demons of his past have been resurrected, called forth by the innocent eyes of his beloved daughter, Nalla. Unless Bella and Nalla can bring him back with their love, he may be lost to them forever...

My thoughts:
Father Mine is the 6.5th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and let me tell you...It was amazing.
I might be a bit biased because my favorite brother from the series is Zsadist, but still, an amazing story.
If your a BDBH reader, it's a must. If your not, what's the hold up??
Since book one, I've been hooked. And there's no doubt you will/are too. There's not one person I know that has read this series, that does not like/love it. Ward is a brilliant writer, full of imagination and purpose. She writes a book like no other, and can really see into a males mind. I couldn't believe how much you really feel as if your hearing the males thoughts. If any woman can figure out what's in a males mind, it's Ward. If you want a series that is a 10 through and through, this is the one.

Now, on to Father Mine's review.

This is the story of Zsadist and Bella's life, after the birth of their beautiful daughter, Nalia .
Zsadist isn't coping with the change so well. He's worried about his past, and Bella's worries about the present and future. Is Zsadist not interested in her sexually now that she was pregnant? Does he have regrets?
Zsadist isn't good enough to hold something so precious, is he?
It's a very conflicting and emotional short story. I really wished it was longer, but to have more of them in the spotlight was a bonus for sure. Lover Awakened was my favorite story of the series, and I really love every book, so it was hard to choose just one...But Zsadist is just so lost and broken, that when he was reawakened, it felt like all was right in the world(for a least the time I read the book..).
Zsadist has his flaws.. but he is just a tortured soul, who needed love...and he got that and more with Bella and Nalia.
Father mine was an amazing read. Struggles of being a parent(which I do not know just yet) and struggles of being a person. Hurt and alone, is Zsadist willing to forget the past and live in his future, or will Bella leave him alone for all eternity? Read Lover mine and find out.
I would not miss this story if you are a frequent reader of this series. It is A++ in writing and excitement. It's a great look inside Bella and Zsadist as parents. Even to see Zadist as a parent alone is worth the money. Hew really is a beautiful male, inside and out. I love his character.
I work at a book store, and I've had people who do not read this type of genre, that have started this series and LOVING it. It really is a likable series for all. Female or Male.
I really recommend those that have not read this book and/or series to start. But. . . It is a adult series so I would recommend no one under 18 reading it.. personally.

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Oh! This one must have been very cool to read if you are a fan.

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