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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review: House of Cards by C.E Murphy

House of Cards (Negotiator Trilogy, #2) House of Cards by C.E. Murphy

Urban Fantasy
Pages: 408
Published: 2008
Date read:
May 1st

My rating:

A covenant broken. A hell unleashed...

New York City's only legal counsel to the fabled Old Races, Margrit Knight is level-headed in all matters extraordinary. But when she's summoned to negotiate a peace treaty among rival factions, her own mortal world threatens to fall apart.

Margrit's been in hot water before, but re-entering the underworld brings a new set of problems. And a new set of friends and enemies, including a ruthless vampire mobster, a dragonlord who won't take no for an answer, a band of subversive selkies... oh, and Alban Korund, the sexy gargoyle who got her into this mess - and whose granite-strong touch still haunts her every fantasy...

My thoughts:
House of Cards starts a couple of months on from where events in Heart of Stone ended. Lawyer Margrit Knight has become all too entwined in world of the Old Races and the secrets they possess. In book one her life was on the line, but in book two it's even worse. Everyone seems to want a piece of Margrit, for both good and bad.
Margrit "Grit" for short, was use to her normal by the book life, but after meeting Alban the Gargoyle, her life has changed 100 perfect. At times, she wished she has her old life back, but to give up the knowledge she holds now of life outside of humans, she's not so sure she'd change a thing.
It comes down to her new purpose as of late. She's pretty much become the negotiator between the Old Races. And everyone seems to listen to her and take her crap (when she dishes it out).

I found that the other characters in the series have really grown, and we get to see a lot for of them all. Alban hasn't changed to much, but he's confused and really wants a life with Grit, even if he hasn't realized it yet. Daisani, the slick vampire wants her to work as his assistant. Janx is the dragonlord who has now called in one of his favors, one she is not happy to agree to. And then there's the not so likable Malik the Djinn who would kill Margrit in a second, and has no doubt replayed her death over and over in his mind.

I thin my favorite character would be Janx. I have a thing for witty, tough characters. A Druglord shouldn't be this likable, but he really is. I can't forget Alban though, he's a great character, and so great with Grit. I just wonder what's going to happen in her social and romantic life in the next book Hands of Flame.

I honestly love this series. I really don't want it to end.
It's filled with action and twists and the characters are intriguing and well written. Vampires, Gargoyles, Dragons, Djinn and selkies, how could you not read this?? It's a urban fantasy, not to miss!

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Chas @ LLL in the 808 said...

OooOh!!!! OOoh!!! Another great one!!!=) Whew... the tbr is growing.

I really liked your review... it gave me a taste of what to be expected!

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