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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Who's your favorite Black Dagger Brotherhood couple??

1. Dark Lover ~ Wrath and Beth
2. Lover Eternal ~ Rhage and Mary
3. Lover Awakened ~ Zsadist and Bella
4. Lover Revealed ~ Butch and Marissa
5. Lover Unbound ~ Vishous and Jane
6. Lover Enshrined ~ Phury and Cormia
7. Lover Avenged ~ Rehvenge and Ehlena
8. Lover Mine ~ John Matthew and Xhex

- I don't own this photo, I found it online. It's amazing though huh?

There are six warrior vampires in the brotherhood currently and I interviewed each one of them for this website. They include:

Wrath: the last purebred vampire on the planet and the vampire race's king. Essentially blind, he is the leader who is not willing to lead until he is forced to care for a half-breed he falls in love with.

Rhage: the strongest of the brothers and the best fighter. Cursed by the Scribe Virgin, he is possessed by a dark side which is a danger to everyone. Ultimately, though, he is gentled by a very special human woman.

Zsadist: the most lethal of the brothers. A former blood slave who was mercilessly tortured during the first hundred years of his life, Z is the one who has fallen farthest from grace. But he is utterly worthy of redemption.

Phury: the loyal one, the one who sacrifices himself for others. Phury is Zsadist's twin brother and a celibate who cannot truly live because of everything his biological brother has lost. Used to giving rather than receiving, he needs love coming back at him to bring him alive.

Vishous: the most intelligent and the one who is specially gifted. His curse is his ability to prognosticate: he sees the future, though not the 'when' of events so he is tortured by his inability to save those he loves from danger. His love puts him at odds with a secret about himself he did not know and could never have guessed.

Tohrment: the steady one, the calm one. He is the one whose betrayal by fate will cut the deepest.

"Legend has it that vampires were created by the Scribe Virgin as her one and only legacy, as her chosen children. The Omega resented her ability to generate life, and he despised the special powers she gave to the species. The Lessening Society was his defensive response. He uses humans because he is incapable of creation and because they are a readily available source of aggression....
As soon as the vampires recognized they were under siege, the strongest and most powerful males were weeded out. Trained to fight. Turned loose against the lessers. Those warriors were then bred to the strongest females over generations until a separate subspecies of vampires emerged. The most powerful of this class were indoctrinated into the Black Dagger Brotherhood."
From pages 194 & 195 of J. R. Ward's Dark Lover

So who is my favorite couple??
I'd have to choose, Zsadist and Bella. It's no secret I love them. He's my favorite brother and Lover Awakened it my favorite of the series.
There's just something so heart breaking and beautiful about them. I love it. :)


Bookie said...

Zsadist and Bella are my fav too and he is my favorite brother.

Anonymous said...

Zsadist and Bella and Vishous and Jane are two of my favorites. But where's Xhex and John Mathew?! I just got done reading Lover Mine, and it was pretty much epic.

Wendalyn said...

Vishous and Jane and Zsadist and Bella are my favs...

Natasha said...

I agree Jen! I thought I added them! haha.. It's all fixed now. hehe

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