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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cover Art for ETERNAL DARKNESS by Gena Showalter

Source: All Things Urban Fantasy

"Here is the cover for Darkness Eternal, which is a compilation of Red Handed and Blacklisted. It has a Sept. 14, 2010 release date!" - From Gena Showalters Blog

Red Handed

She’s been chosen . . .

Phoenix Germaine’s kicked her addiction to Onadyn, the drug of choice for New Chicago teens. But when a party in the woods becomes an all-out alien bloodbath, Phoenix lands in reform school. Only this is no ordinary school—it’s a rigorous training camp for the elite Alien Investigation and Removal agency, and Phoenix is fast becoming their best hard-bodied tracker and destroyer—if her forbidden attraction to agent Ryan Stone doesn’t get her kicked out first.


She’s got good reasons to do bad things . . .

High school senior Camille Robins sneaks into a nightclub for both human and alien patrons, hoping to catch the eye of her crush before she graduates. But following bad boy Erik through a guarded door, they plunge into a deadly chase with Alien Investigation and Removal agents, who accuse Erik of dealing Onadyn, the drug that ruins human lives. Now, with his hot kiss lingering on her lips, Camille must decide whose side she is on—and how far she will go. . . .

I like it! What cha think?


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