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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Sookie Stackhouse Companion - Cover Art

Release Date: February 2011

Now, usually I don't go for books when they are republished over and over in different ways, but I like the idea of this. You get a bonus Novella and a interview with Allan Ball. Charlaine is also having a question/answer section included...

From Charlaine's Website:

THE SOOKIE COMPANION – want to ask Charlaine a question?

Charlaine’s publisher wants to include a question-and-answer section with Charlaine in the book, to match the one we’ve done with Alan Ball. THE SOOKIE COMPANION is scheduled to hit the shelves February 2011, so time is important. You’re invited to send in your questions (limited to three) to [email protected] from June 17 through June 26. (After that, the email address will be inactive.) Sending in your questions doesn’t guarantee they’ll be included. Please add your name and a valid email address to each question in case Charlaine selects your entry. All questions should pertain to the Sookie Stackhouse series.

I think it sounds pretty good. Especially for collectors of the series. I also love how it's the original cartoon cover art. I might have choose something a bit different, but I'm okay with how it is. IS it just me, or are the cartoon covers such a through off? Not in a good or bad way,it's just what really is written is so not what you think when you see the covers. lol!
Now, what's the price range?
Amazon has it for:
Price: $17.13
You Save:$8.82 (34%)

The Book Depository has it for:
Pre order CAD$17.06 - Save $5.70

Both aren't bad for hardcover, but The Book Depository has a chance of going even lower, plus there's free shipping. So, that's where I'd order it from.

I'm not saying The Book Depository is better than Amazon(I like Amazon), I'm just comparing the prices for these particular books, and my opinion of them!


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