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Monday, June 21, 2010

Too long to wait for your book??

Is there a series that you love, that has had a longer than you like pause between it's last book and the next?
I was thinking today of how much I LOVE Karen Chance, and how much I wish a new Cassandra Palmer book would be released soon. Curse the Dawn(Cassandra Palmer, book 4) The last book was published April 7, 2009. The next book(Cassandra Palmer, book 5) won't be published until the summer of 2011. That's a mighty long wait for such an amazing, addictive series. I wish it could have been released so much sooner. I loved how Curse the Dawn finished with Cass, Pritkin and Mircea. Pritkin is mad at Cass for shaving his legs and Mircea is mad at Cass for having been that close to Pritkin. he he!Little does he know she was closer to him than anyone has ever been.. only himself. ;P
This book isn`t a light read. Yes, it's extremely easy to read, but only because the author has made it so engrossing that you don't even realize how quickly you speed through it. It`s intense, exciting,   sensual and charming. Chance is Brilliant. I`m dying for Book 5 of the Cassandra Palmer series. Are you?

Another great series that I`ve been dying to keep reading is the Tales of an Urban Werewolf by karen Macinerney. I loved this series from book 1, and after finishing book one I went right back to the store for book 2. It`s an exciting, addictive werewolf series. The last book published was Leader of the Pack on July 15th 2009. And since, I haven`t heard a thing. I`m dying to know if there will be more, and when. I e-mailed Karen and asked a few times(sorry to bother), but hopefully I`ll find out soon! he he.
It really is a great werewolf series. Check it out!

If you have a series you love and it hasn`t released a new book in a while, but should have, post below. I`d love to hear it! And if you`ve heard any new on either series I posted as well, I`d LOVE to hear it! :)


Stephanie said...

Oh yes, Jean Auel's Children of the Earth series. I am dying to know the rest of Ayla and Jondalar's story and it's been years since the last bookw as published.

Roof Beam Reader said...

Does it count if the series has ended? Because I keep holding out hope for another Harry Potter book! ;)

Hello, by the way. I just recently stumbled across your blog via Twitter, and I am now all subscribed, proper-like. :D

JenM said...

I'm with you on Karen Chance, although I actually like the Dorina Basarab books even more than the Cassie Palmer books. I've heard Karen Chance has health problems and that's why it is so long between books - if so, best wishes to her.

I love Richelle Mead's Thorn Queen series, but I just found out that because she already has two or three releases this year in her other series, the next Thorn Queen book won't be until sometime in 2011. I'm so bummed. Some thing with Keri Arthur. She's starting a new series featuring a character who's a child in her Riley Jensen werewolf books (which just wrapped up), but even though the book is done, it won't be released until the summer of 2011.

Dee said...

Karen Marie Moning, The Fever Series. Shadowfever, the last book in the series, won't come out until Jan 18, 2011, yet Dreamfever (book #4) came out Aug 2009 and ended with the WORST kind of cliff hanger ever!

Bethany C. said...

Ditto on Richelle Mead's Dark Swan series. I've never been more upset to have to wait for a book in my life when I finished Thorn Queen and found out that Iron Crowned wasn't coming out soon!

Natasha said...

I agree with both of you guys. I love The Fever series soo much.. that cliff hanger was brutal! I loved it, but ughhh! I cannot wait for Shadowfever.

And I also love the Dorina series as well. I like both series about the same.. Both rock. And as for Karen Chance's health problems.. I didn't know:/ I hope she feels better soon. We know when she's ready she'll make a book worth the wait!

I also love Richelle Mead. Everything she writes is amazing.. I'm dying for Thorn Queen as well. Next summer's going to be amazing, for book releases. hehe

Natasha said...

I meant Iron Crowned** not thorn queen hehe

I haven't read Jean Auel's Children of the Earth series yet. I'll have to look into that!!

I also love the Harry Potter books. It can count if it's ended.. I have many that I wish would start back up again.. ex. I wish Keri Arthur would start back up her Nikki and Michael series!!! I'm a huge fan of Keri Arthur.. also seeing Riley finish was sad. :(
I have many more.. but I'd be here alll day! hehe

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I completely understand many of the authors work a job or have a family to take care of while they write there books. But I do have to say there are a few series that seem to take a long time to see the next book. :) I hate to be a demanding reader, but when it takes a few years to get the next one even thought about being printed... well... what do I say?

The one I would like to see is the second book to The Name of the Wind. I loved the first one and I was delayed in reading it. But we have just heard that the second one is planned on coming out.

JenM said...

Yup, I read Darkfever in March and was totally psyched to read the rest, then I found out that Dreamfever is a huge cliffhanger and Shadowfever isn't out till Dec (now Jan11) so I just stopped. My plan now is to reread Darkfever in Nov, then work through the others and finish up just as Shadowfever is being released.

Lisa R said...

I figured I'd be the only one that was familiar with Jean Auel's series, The Earth Children.

Earth's Children
1. The Clan of the Cave Bear (1980)
2. The Valley of Horses (1982)
3. The Mammoth Hunters (1985)
4. The Plains of Passage (1990)
5. The Shelters of Stone (2002)
6. The Land of Painted Caves (2011)

Do you SEE that? 31 years since it started. And I think there will be at least one more maybe two. I just hope I live long enough to enjoy them.

alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com

Natasha said...

Wow! 31 Years!!! I bet you'll be stoked for The Land of Painted Caves!! I would have went crazy waiting.. hehe!

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