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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Episode 1 Review!

Okay, I`m a day late, I know. :( I was going to do my review yesterday, but I didn`t have the internet in the evening...

BUT, that doesn`t make the review any more less enthusiastic! I`ve been a fan of True Blood since the first time Sookie laid eyes on Bill. I admit, I`m an Eric fan -;)- But Bill was the first, and I did love him a bunch for a while.
I also admit, I`m a fan of the books more(by Charlaine Harris) than the show.. but I`m so stoked that a show was made out of the series, because now we get to watch our favorite characters come to life and also have something to help our cravings between reading each new book.

Now, on to the Season 3 premiere! What can I say.. I loved it.
-Pack of Wolves-(which says a lot on it`s own) was an intense episode, packed with sixty minutes of action that finally answered a couple questions, but now, brought in a whole pack of new ones...
We find out who kidnapped Bill...and it wasn't Eric! You might guess who it was..but just in case, I won`t tell.

Tara is broken up and lashing out. Lafayette is still peeved with Tara`s mother & Sam is thinking a little more about Bill than usual;)
Jason isn`t taking the shooting too well, but that`s not the only person dealing with death. Jessica is going to be in a whole bunch of trouble the next coming episodes. What a mess! I took to Jessica pretty quickly. Yes, she was pretty much a bitch(excuse my language) for her first 5 or more episodes, but she grew on me. And isn`t such a pretty girl?..wait, vampire??
Okay, I know I`m being quite random, but in case you haven`t watched it yet, I don`t want to give too many detailed away. So I`m just throwing in my 2 cents here and there..

The Magister back! He warns the Queen and Eric that whoever is dealing V will be punished to the highest extent of the law. So the Queen doesn`t take this too lightly and the scene between her and Eric is quite entertaining!

Also, I LOVE Pam. Don`t you? She`s hilarious, beautiful and full of spunk. She`s one of my favorite female vampires ever. The show has made her even more amazing for sure. I can`t wait to see more of her. Maybe a love interest for her?

As for Sookie and Bill, they didn`t see one another in this episode, and that`s okay for me because I`m routing for Eric anyway. The only thing I was disappointed by was that the werewolves didn`t make a bigger in pact in the episode. But, I know it was setup for the next few episodes, and we will be seeing much more of them, so all in all, it was a great episode!

Are you a fangbanger for Club Dead yet?


Rosey said...

It was so good! I'm getting the stills for my review right now and going to post it later tonight :)

Ky said...

*jumps up and down* It was amazing! I about screamed at the ending though. I was just like "No way 60 minutes just flew by!" I loved the fact that they used ACTUAL wolves for the werewolves. I mean I hate the whole half man half wolf thing and I just like the classic take on it. Made me happy. Plus I love wolves ^.^

Pam is EPIC! I wish she was like my best friend! That would just make my nights soooo much better. I know! Poor Jessica! She's a moron, but I felt bad for her. She didn't mean to.

I love how everytime Eric and the Queen are together she always man handles him. It's just SO FUNNY. Nice to see Eric lowered a peg or two. Though I still adore him.

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