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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eureka Season 4!!!!!!

I LOVE Eureka. If I could be my top 3 shows(in no particular order) I'd choose:
& True Blood!

I love them soo much. I'm stoked that True Blood is now playing and is AMAZING. I'm sad that Supernatural is over until Sept?? But I'm very happy that Eureka is starting asap!!! Are you a fan? If not, check it out. It's amazing. It's better to start from Season 1 though.. since it's a show that progressed through the seasons. I just love it. If your into science, geeks, comedy and some mystery.. then you better be watching Eureka!

Season 4 is scheduled to commence on July 9, 2010.

Okay, I have some sneak peeks for season 4! Photos AND a short video! Excited?? I know I am! Check it out!

Here's the short promo video!

Short, but soooo awesome! ;)

Here's a few teaser photos as well.

Looks good huh??? I'm sooo stoked!!
3 days!!!!!!!


debbie said...

Great, I can't wait for it. It is such a creative show.

jellybelly82158 said...

I agree I love Eureka!!!

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