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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Favorite: Supernatural of the Week(6)

I missed last week and I'm sorry! I've been pretty busy the last few weeks, I try to get everything posted, but sometimes I just forget. Sorry!!

That being said, ti wasn't hard to choose a favorite for this week. After reading all 4 of The Kate Daniels novels in 3 days, I was hooked on this fellow.

This weeks Supernatural Favorite is :


I couldn't find the perfect person I wanted for his characters, but Paul Walker will due! He has that alpha vibe, I find.

Here's Curran in his other more powerful form. Although the last one was pretty powerful;) hehe

Beautiful huh?

Taken from Ilona Andrews Blog


Age: 31
Gender: male.
Height: 5′11
Build: Muscular, defined, gives off a sense of coiled strength about to explode.
Hair: Blond, typically cut short except during the flare when it grows into a mane within a few days.
Eyes: Grey, luminescent with gold when excited or angry.  Curran’s gaze is extremely difficult to hold.
Skin: naturally pale, but he tends to bake himself in the sun every chance he gets.
Distinguishing marks: broken nose that didn’t quite heal right, very unusual for shapeshifter.
Beast form: an enormous grey lion, striped with darker grey, like smoke blown against grey velvet.

Favorite mode of fighting

Grows teeth the size of dinner forks and bites people’s heads off.  Roars after.


Pack.  Curran is the Beast Lord.  Tremble.


While Curran’s physical power is overwhelming, he rarely has to use to it.  He’s observant and shrewd and tends to use diplomacy and intimidation, breaking into violence only as last resort.  He moves extremely quietly and enjoys sneaking up on Kate.

What's not to love about Curran? He's powerful, strong and handsome. He cares for Kate and he's also quite funny and cute when he wants to be. I love his character and how he is portrayed as the main Alpha in the series. He is a true king in all his glory!
...But Kate still wants to kick his butt! Did I say kick? I meant look at...;P

Ilona and Gordan really know how to write an amazing story. Their series is brilliant, and I'm so happy I found it. Magic Bleeds was just released, but I want MORE!

And that all, is why I choose Curran for this week.

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Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

Wicked wicked profile!!=) I havent read it yet but this profile certainly makes me want to!!

LLL Reviews said...

Oh hey.... look the unaware me and my comment back in July. Well, now I am in "the know" and like what I know!

BUT please satisfy my curiosity.... How much does the romance progress btween Kate and Curran in book 3. Oh and when will we learn "what" she is!!!

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