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Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday's Favorite: Supernatural of the Week(7)

For the past 7 Fridays, I have been picking a favorite supernatural for the week. Last week was Curran from The Kate Daniel series by Ilona Andrews and this week I choose:

Danaus from Jocelynn Drake's Dark Days novels.

I was going to write a decription of this handsome creature, but I found an amazing decription and history of him on Jocelynn's website. Thank Ms Drake. You rock!



Born: Winter 139 on a large family estate two hours ride from Rome

Joined the Roman Legionaire at 16 (155)

Suffered a serious injury at 18 (157) – survived when he should not have

Made head of Rome city guard at 22 (161)

Killed mother at 22 (161) and left Rome

Left Roman Legion at 37 (176) to wander and seek answers

Physical Description:

5’ 10”

Weight: 225

Hair: black, black as a moonless night, black as a raven’s wing, black as the abyss that leads to Hell. Danaus has thick, straight black hair that falls to about his jaw line, though it will sometimes stretch down to his shoulders if he spends an extended time away from civilization. Mira thinks it’s softer than the finest satin.

Eyes: dark, clear blue, like deep pools, liquid sapphires, sharp and clear, and cold. The shade of blue is so striking that it would be the first thing you noticed if he wasn’t carrying a rather nasty sword at the same time. The kind of perfect blue that you could lose your soul in.

Face: Danaus has a sharp, angular face, with a large Roman nose, narrow hawk-like, high, prominent cheek bones, strong jaw and prominent brow at seems to cast a shadow over his luminous eyes. There is frequently a dusting of dark whiskers along his jaw. His lips are deceptively full, but frequently overlooked due to the fact that they are frequently pressed into a thin line of a frown.

Complexion: dark tan, almost bordering on swarthy. He is not as dark as he could be simply because he spends most of his time hunting his prey at night and sleeping during the daylight hours.

Scent: Mira states that Danaus smells like the sea and the sun

Favorite feature: (not that he would ever admit this) his shoulders and arms – he cuts a strong, impressive, intimidating picture. He likes that he can strike fear before he even speaks or lifts his sword.

Most hated feature: (again, not that he would admit it) his eyes. He has his mother’s eyes.

Birthmarks: a slight discoloration of the skin in the shape of a crescent moon on his left hip bone.

Scars: faint, white line on his back from where he had been stabbed during his teens.

General Personality Description: Danaus is serious. He is serious to a fault. He goes through life with single-minded determination – he will do whatever it takes to free his soul from the grasp of the bori. It was this determination and focus that made his successful while in the Roman army and made him an impressive warrior.

However, this keen, unwavering focus has distanced him from the world around him. He has no friends and it has been years since he has taken a lover. Even then, there was no emotional attachment – just an act.

Yet, he finds himself relaxing the more time he spends around Mira. Danaus starts to exhibit a sharp, dry sense of humor along with biting sarcasm. With Mira, he has found a way to move beyond just existing and discovered what it means to truly live. The numbness gives way to other powerful emotions such as anger, fear, and joy.

His one enjoyment is in the hunt of an old vampire. Pitting himself against such a powerful creature causes his heart to pound and brings on a rush of adrenaline – the one and only rush he has been able to find in his long centuries.

Danaus does not talk about his himself or his past. He is hiding form the world, ashamed of the one thing that was beyond his control – the circumstances of his birth.

Special Abilities:

Aging: He no longer ages (though after some battles, he certainly feels older). His appearance looks as if he is in his early to mid-thirties.

Heals quickly: While not at the same accelerated rate as a nightwalker or lycanthrope, Danaus heals extremely fast with broken bones mending overnight. However, he can still die from a serious enough wound.

Speed and strength: He is much strong and faster than any human. He is not as strong as a vampire and almost as strong as a lycanthrope. His speed is the same as a lycanthrope; however, he does not have their endurance.

Boiling blood: He has the ability to boil the blood of any creature, race, etc.

Telepathic/Empathic: He can read/sense the emotions of most vampires around him with very little effort. With some of the young ones, he can pick up the occasional stray thought.

However, with Mira, he can easily sense her emotions when they are close. After being around her for several months, he has learned to easily read her thoughts and communicate with her telepathically.

Fashion: For Danaus, fashion is a matter of function and convenience. It’s not something he wants to waste time thinking about. Whenever possible, he will favor black t-shirts during the summer and black turtlenecks during the winter. Preferably, nothing that buttons or has a collar, something for his prey to grab onto.

Pants are also black, cotton and durable.

Boots are also black, with a rubber sole. He is always reluctant to acquire new boots because they take so long to break in.

He wears no jewelry and has no tattoos.

However, he is always armed. A knife sheath is attached to his belt and tucked down the center of his back. A second knife is strapped to his left ankle. If he is hunting vampires, particularly one a few centuries old, he will have another longer dagger strapped to his waist and a sword in a sheath across from his back. This will require that he wear his black leather duster or leather jacket that falls to about his hips.

Finally, he will frequently wear a pair of leather wrist guards.

Quirks/Eccentricities: Danaus can’t stand to sit still for any extended period of time. It is not often that he spends much time at Themis because Ryan frequently sends him out on one mission or another. Danaus will also pursue his own interests outside of Themis if he finds himself with some down time. However, if he does find himself stuck at Themis, he will constantly be moving, usually out horseback riding or hiking through the surrounding woods. Anxiety gnaws at him. If he is not actively hunting something “evil,” he fears he is losing his battle for his soul.

If he is trapped inside due to bad weather he will polish and sharpen his weapons or working on training programs for the other Themis hunters.

Danaus does not feel particularly comfortable around certain technological items. He only recently acquired a cell phone (Dawnbreker) and has been driving a car for roughly fifty years. He avoids computers and hates elevators.


For Danaus, the issue of vampires is a black and white one. From ancient texts and folk lore, vampires are the spawn of Satan and represent all that is evil like the demon that holds claim to his soul. A mix of his own experiences, the story told to him by his friend Bodhi, and the ancient texts has led him believe that he should use his abilities to hunt down and destroy all vampires. To him, vampires have no redeeming qualities. They are evil, pure and simple. He is also hoping that if he kills enough vampires, it may get him one step closer to reclaiming his soul. His hatred of vampires is fueled by a mix of fear and desperation.

After countless centuries, Mira is the first to make him question the things that he has held as truth for so long. And just being around her makes him very uncomfortable because she threatens to take away his one and only hope.

After all that, I don't think there is anything I can add. She cover about everything. He's amazing character and really brings the Dark Days novels together. Mira and himself are amazing together, and I'm so happy I found this series when I did. I can't wait for Wait for Dusk on the 27th! It's going to be amazing!


Sarah said...

I hadn't really heard too much about these books, but I bought a special hardcover edition of Nightwalker & Dark Days from my book club, and now I keep seeing this series popping up everywhere! I am not very far into it yet, but so far its amazing!

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