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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Love Kandee!!!

I know this isn't one of my regular posts, considering it doesn't have to do with books or movies, but Kandee is such an amazing person and very talented at everything she does. She's a make-up artist, an amazing one at that! She can reconstruct all the stars and very complicated movie characters looks to a T. I'm not sure who's makeup she does exactly, but she's amazing enough to do the Queen herself! Now Kandee is not only an amazing makeup artist, but also a very talented singer, dancer AND actress. She's a kind and caring lady with a BIG heart that's full of talent. I, myself take A LOT from her videos. She has videos for make-up, hair, skin, and clothing. I may be a book-a-holic but I also love clothes and make-up, and Kandee helps me when I'm in need of something new, or just to make me smile! She really can brighten up my day, and I hope now, after seeing my post, she will brighten up yours as well!
So, I hope you will all head on over to Kandee's blog @ Kandee The Make-up Artist! You should also subscribe to her videos on youtube HERE.

Here's some photos of Kandee:

Isn't she beautiful!?!

Here's a make-up tutorial:

She's amazing, am I right??

Now it's time to watch Eureka! Yes, I'm quite random.. :)

Have an amazing day!


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