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Thursday, July 29, 2010

October fun!! I need help!

October is my FAVORITE month of the year. Yes, I love Halloween and spookiness, but I also love the fall weather. It's beautiful and perfect. Halloween has always been a favorite of mine, from 3 on, and probably even before. I thought the other day, "What am I going to be this year for Halloween?!", I start thinking early, but usually end up waiting for the last minute. So this year, I'm starting even earlier, and getting prepared for all the great fun! I can't wait to dress up, hand out treats and then party! hehe

The reason I am posting a Halloween post so early is because I want to let everyone know of the cool stuff that will be going on in October on my blog and others. It's my 1 year blog anniversary and a scary giveaway time! I get 2 exciting things to celebrate during October!

Over @ Book Rat, Misty is also having Helluva Halloween II, and I will be participating in that as well. It's not official what I will be doing, but I just signed up today and will do the best I can! I want to giveaway books and maybe movies, but I'd love to hear any ideas from you guys? Do you like the idea of books/movies and/or goodies such as Halloween ornaments and makeup??

I can't wait to start shopping and getting ready.. Maybe I'll check somewhere out today.. hehe!

So please let me know what you guys think would be good for a Halloween, Spooky giveaway!!!
I would love love ideas for a great costume!!! Help!??!


Cecile said...

OMG.... girl.... I LOVE OCTOBER, HALLOWEEN....!!!! My bday is October 30th.. and my daughters is the 22nd. We celebrate each year with costume parties... I have been doing this for... I can not tell you how many years! And my daughter started just a few year ago!

I actually blow more money on Halloween stuff/costumes/decorations and all.. than most people do at Christmas time....

So pray tell... I will be watching you, lmbo!!!
I will be back!!! Gotta run for now.. day job calling!

Natasha said...

HAHA! I spend so much on Halloween as well. My mother always look like :O when I show what I get in just one day. hehe The only thing I hate about Halloween, is how quick it's over. :( That's why I like celebrating ALL month! hehe

Book ♥ Soulmates said...

Ooh ooh, we are totally HOLIDAY soulmates :D

Vanessa and I love October (it's also my anniversary month) and we are HALLOWEEN junkies! Next month, I'm going to start working on redesigning our blog for Halloween - eek, I'm so excited!

Let me know what you do and then count us in. Books, movies and Halloween goodies all sound great!

Book ♥ Soulmates

Natasha said...

Perfect!! I can't wait. We will have so much fun!!! I also want to do my blog over. hehe:P Your is always amazing and will be wicked cool though.. hehe:P

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

All the above.

A mix of all things Halloween would be rockin'!=)

Rosey said...

Sounds awesome! I'll make a list of some movies for you if you would like?

Natasha said...


I LOVE Halloween movies, I know many, but would LOVE to hear some new ones if you have time Rosey!! :)
Thank you for the offer!

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