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Monday, July 26, 2010

Review: Mona Lisa Darkening by SUNNY

Mona Lisa Darkening (Monère: Children of the Moon, #6)Mona Lisa Darkening by Sunny

Format: Mass Market Paperback
Release Date: January 2009
Erotic Paranormal
Monére, Children of the Moon Series#6

My rating:
-Frigging Amazing! Why did it have to end?!

On the vernal equinox, Mona Lisa is taken against her will to NetherHell, the cursed realm of the damned. In this place, she will be torn from both within and without by desire, love, and ecstasy. And when her first love crosses the boundaries of the world to rescue her, she must choose her own destiny—before others choose it for her.

My Thoughts:
Mona Lisa Darkening is the fourth book in the Monère, Dark Fantasy, paranormal romance series. When I first read Mona Lisa Awakening, I was shocked that I haven't heard of this series more than I did. I instantly loved it and found the characters very likable. The characters are one of my favorite things about this series. Halcyon is my favorite. I love Gryphon and everyone else, but I still keep going back to Halcyon. He's unique.

The heroine, Mona Lisa is a mixed-blood queen among the Monére. As children of the moon, they gather to bask in its light when the moon is full to derive energy. the night of the vernal equinox(a very special night for the Monere), when the barriers between both worlds become thin, she gathers her people under the full moon. But, instead of drawing in it's white light, the darkness envelopes and snatches her and she's transported to NetherHell, the realm of the damned...Even the Crown Prince of Hell, Halcyon, dares not go.

I honestly LOVED Sunny's NetherHell idea. I felt that when she described it, I really was there. (Not that I want to be there). She has a was of describing a scene, that fits to a T. While Mona Lisa is fighting hard to survive in NetherHell, she is captured by a gargoyle warlord named Gordane. AND. if that's not bad enough, her true love, Gryphon, has recently been killed and is now in the realm of hell. She's also sharing her body with the spirit of his killer, Mona Louisa.
Mona Lisa is having a hard go, and things seem to just pile up on her shoulders, but being the strong Lady she is, she will fight to make it through.. I hope..

Her books are very imaginative and filled with fantasy. You won't be let down with the amazing characters and erotic scenes. It really is an amazing original series, that will keep you up all night long!

The series, in order:

Mona Lisa Awakening
Mona Lisa Blossoming
Mona Lisa Craving
Mona Lisa Darkening
Mona Lisa Eclipsing

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Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

i've been curious about this author! Great review!!

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

Wicked review!=) I have Book one and the on;y review I read of book one wasnt all that great but the premise is fascinating!!=)

Lisa R said...

This was a super series. Always surprised me it it isn't reviewed more by bloggers, possibly because it is a bit erotic (but not overly so. I loved the whole premise of the Monere.

Natasha said...

Thanks Carrie and Chas!!!

i agree Lisa, it's not a overly popular series to be reviewed(that I have seen anyway!) But I love the series, and read many different books, even some that are a bit erotic. So I try to review all different kinds! :)

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