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Sunday, July 11, 2010

True Blood Sunday!!!

Is anyone else going through withdrawals?? It's been TWO whole weeks without any
True Blood. That holiday last Sunday really put me in a loop!

I cannot wait to curl up on the couch with the lights all off and watch my favorite show in action.

Isn't Alcide just amazing?? I was looking forward to his appearance since season 1! He's going to stir things up a bit, huh? LOL

Episode Summary

Sookie joins Alcide at a raucous engagement party for his former fiancee, Debbie Pelt.

Bill "  procures"  dinner for Russell and Lorena.

Sam brokers a deal with Tommy and his parents.

Andy gets a promotion and draws Jason's attention.

Arlene is irked by Jessica's arrival at Merlotte's.

Eric is given a deadline to locate Bill.

Franklin takes Tara on a road trip.

I can't wait!! Are you excited??


Stephanie said...

I can't wait to see what happens. Even though I've read book 3 and know what happens, it's still exciting to watch the episodes. Looking forward to tonight!

Rachel said...

ohmigod! I am in Australia so I behind in the 'True Blood' series but I can't wait to see Alcide come into it!! exciting!!

And the plot thickens...

Kimberly Swan said...

What an engagement party, eh? Some delicious shots of 'Alcide' as well. Oh, and how about that 'daydream'...was the dreamer a surprise to you? lol

Natasha said...

I know!!! I LOVED it. I just love Alcide. I'm glad he's in the show now, and he's perfect for the part! I'll have to review this episode! hehe

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