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Friday, July 9, 2010

What a HOT day....again....

I'm a big fan of summer, and we hardly got any great days this summer...but the last few days has made up for that, for sure.
It's been 31 for the past 3 days, which is pretty hot here, especially with the humidity. I don't mind dry heat, but humidity is horrible. Especially with asthma.

I am very excited for tonight though, it's going to be an amazingly warm night and reading a book out on the step will be perfect. LKH's Bullet will be perfect for reading as well. :)

I think I may go out the country on the jet ski again... hmmmm, yup. :)


Cecile said...

Aww honey, I am sorry to hear that.. You are right, not good for asthma. Well, here is to hoping that it cools off this weekend for you!!!
Hope all is well!

Book ♥ Soulmates said...

I know what you mean :( Florida has been kicking out asses lately with this heat! We had some record breaking days in June with it topping at about 104°F which is really high for June. I don't want to think about what this month or next will be like!

No rubber shoes for us...they'll probably melt to the ground, lol.

Hope it cools down a bit for you!

jackie b central texas said...

You and my husband both, the humidity is kicking his asthma up here in Texas. We have had a week of rain and the humidity is high as it has been in years!

I wanna see the Jet Ski on video again!

jackie b

Jenny said...

Just popping in via the hop to say hi! It looks like we are fans of a lot of the same books so I look forward to your reviews:)


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