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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Any Vampire Diaries Fans out there???

For the past 2 hours, I've been catching up on my Vampire Diaries episodes. I'm about to start the last episode of Season 1, and I'm sooo antsy! Episode 21 ended with a crazy cliff hanger, and I'm dying to see what happens for the finale. 
I can't believe how addicting this show can be. I have always been a vampire lover, Moonlight, True Blood and now Vampire Diaries. All I need to be set is for a zombie tv series. That would make my day! hehe
I'd love to hear your answers:

Who is your favorite of the Salvatore brothers? DAMON SALVATORE or STEFAN SALVATORE? - Mine for a while was Damon. I just love the mysterous vibe he gives off. The more I watched though, the more I liked Stefan as well, but I still would have to pick Damon. He's a misunderstood male, that Elena could be truly happy with. 

Of Elena's friends, who is your favorite? BONNIE BENNETT(The witch), CAROLINE FORBES(The somewhat annoying Drama queen) OR MATT DONOVAN(The Ex)? -
If I had to choose which of them are my favorites, I'd have to say Bonnie. I love Matt's character, but he isn't as close of a friend as he was in the start of the season, and we don't get to see him as much. Bonnie has an interesting character, and with her powers now manifesting, shes getting super exciting!  

IF you could meet ONE person from the cast of Vampire Diaries, who would you choose to meet? - That's hard for me. I love the whole cast. I think I would choose Damon though, because of his witty humor and cute grin. I would like to see how much he has in common with his character, in real life. 

 I'd love to head your answers everyone! I'm off to Watch the Season 1 Finale!!! AHHHH, I can't wait! 


FionaChan said...

You should've waited to watch the finale right before the premiere of second season! They're extremely good with cliffhangers D: The season finale is extremely extreme cliffhanging. D:
My favourite is Damon, but Stefan for Elena, so I can have Damon for myself! Hahaha!

and I like Bonnie, Caroline and Matt equally, so..

Gilliene said...

Definitely for Damon.

But yeah, I began disliking Bonnie during the finale. What a friend, really. But that's just me. I think If asked who my favorite friend of Elena's is- it must be Matt.

Natasha said...

I agree, she's being a horrible friend this last episode especially. I hope she wakes up!

Jessica said...

Definitely love Damon! Yeah, he's bad! But I loved Ian since I saw him in Black Sash years ago!

I guess I like Matt best as a friend. Caroline can be a little too self involved, she's getting better and Bonnie was just getting nasty towards the end.

I would, again, want to meet Ian/Damon! Loved him in the old show that didn't make it, :'( and love his Damon character. Damon in the books was really cool too. Kinda scary, but still hot! ;)

Chas @ LLL Reviews said...

Oh! How I would love to be Elena in that above image! LOL! I am so with you. I am dying to find out what's going to happen once the season picks up!=)

jackie b central texas said...

Damon every time, Bonnie for sure because she has some very interesting powers and September 9th needs to hurry!!!!

jackie ^_^

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