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Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Favorite: Supernatural of the week

For the past 9 Fridays, I have been picking a favorite supernatural for the week. Last week was Jenks from the Hollows series by Kim Harrison.
This week I choose:

Dante Baptiste from the Maker's Song series by Adrian Phoenix!

I couldn't find the picture I wanted to for him, but this will due! I have to run to the mall, so I'm in a hurry this week, sorry. :/

*Taken from Adrian's Website*
Inferno's lead singer.
Vocals, guitars, keyboards, song-writer.


Raised in Lafayette in a foster home, ran
away to New Orleans as a teen. Speaks
Cajun and English.

5'9, slender and wiry, dark brown eyes,
pale, pale skin, black hair spilling past his

Appears to be 20 or 21 years old.

Rules Club Hell in the Quarter.

Dante is an amazing character. I feel as if he's real. Adrian can make a scene seem so real, I feel I can just head on over to Club Hell for a beer and watch Inferno. I wish:P hehe

I'm looking for a button for Friday's Favorite: Supernatural of the week. I suck at making really good buttons, anyone have free time to make a basic button for me? I would be so appreciative!


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Dante is a good pick but I like his Dad :) That was such a good book! (I haven't read the 2nd one yet)

Anonymous said...

I also like Dante but I'm honestly not attracted to him like everyone else. I think he is a great character but I lean more towards Von :-)

Stephanie G

Natasha said...

I love both Von and Dante! hehe

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