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Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Favorite: Supernatural of the Week - Friday The 13th! (10)

For the past 10 Fridays, I have been picking a favorite supernatural for the week. Last week was Dante Baptiste from the Maker's Song series by Adrian Phoenix
This week I choose:

BONES from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series! 

 How could anyone say "no" to Bones? He's the perfect alpha male. Sure, his past was rotten, but who's isn't when it comes to hot alpha vampire males? 
I started the Night Huntress series a few years back, and immediately fell in love. Jeaniene Frost really knows how to tease a gal with hot men. And boy can she write a kick-ass book. I have no idea why I've waited so long to 'Friday Favorite' Bones.. I guess  I was waiting for a special day, such as Friday The 13th..? Bones may be hot, but I wouldn't want to double cross him, that's for sure. 

 Here's a great description of Bones, taken from FrostFans:


Vampire Name

Bones. After his transition, he woke up in the natives’ burial ground surrounded by bones. “…for from bones I rose and Bones I became…” (HG8).

Real Name

Crispin Phillip Arthur Russell III (HG8).


November 20th, 1766


24 years as a human, 217 as a vampire (HG7).


A cave with pirated electricity (HG5).


Light blond hair in tight waves, darker brows, dark brown eyes that can look nearly black, pronounced cheekbones, perfectly chiseled features, and “flawless diamonds-and-cream” skin (HG1). He has a curving mouth, straight nose, and etched jaw line (HG12). His hair is naturally brown, but he changes it often (HG8). Jeaniene pictures Bones as “a blend of (younger versions of) Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, Christian Bale, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Idol, and James Franco, with a healthy dose of my own imagination to boot” (JF).

Life History

Crispin was born in London, England in 1766. His mother, Penelope, was a whore and only 15 years old at the time. As he grew up, he got money by begging or thieving. Penelope died of syphilis at the age of 33 when Crispin was 17. He arranged to stay at the whorehouse by servicing highborn women. One day he got caught picking a pocket, and he was sentenced to the penal colonies in South Wales. At the colony he became friends with Timothy, Charles, and Ian. Ian escaped, and a year later he came back as a vampire to rescue his friends. Crispin didn’t want to be a vampire, but Ian changed him anyway. They stayed with the natives for awhile before finally returning to England 20 years later (HG7).

Special Abilities

He has all the strength, speed, and skills of a Master vampire (HG2). He’s getting quite a reputation as a bounty hunter/hit man of evil vampires (HG6).

Personality Traits

He has an English accent (HG1), a great sense of humor (HG2), and almost always wears black pants (HG5).

Jeaniene, how do you picture Bones?

I didn’t have a particular person in mind when I described Bones. He’s a blend of (younger versions of) Jude Law, Ethan Hawke, Christian Bale, Viggo Mortensen, Billy Idol, Bruce Campbell (younger, like when he was in Army of Darkness), and James Franco, with a healthy dose of my own imagination to boot. I’ve loved vampires since I was a child, and as as a teen, I had a Billy Idol crush, so that probably explains my love of English accents and blond hair. Although I understand the Spike comparisons (I wrote a blond English vampire, I knew they’d be coming), Spike isn’t the image of how I see Bones. If another person sees him that way, however, it’s fine by me. Whatever makes a reader happy when they flip pages

What do you think of this week's pick?? Agree!? 


Natalie (Mindful Musings) said...

I've read the first three books in this series, and I'm really enjoying them so far!

Melanie said...

I love Bones!!!! :D

Natasha said...

I know right, Bones rocks!

Rosey said...

See he does have blonde hair!! I saw those "Bones Is Mine" tags on blogs and the guy has dark hair and I was like "doesn't Bones have blonde hair?" :) lol.

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