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Monday, August 2, 2010

Interview with Jenna Black!

I'm very excited to have this interview with one of my favorite authors, Jenna black. She writes amazing Urban Fantasy and also recently Young Adult. I was stoked to do this review!

Writer's block is something every writer gets. How do you deal with it?

 I have a lot of different ways of dealing with it, most of which don't seem to work. LOL Sometimes when I'm blocked, I find that the easiest way to break through it is to just force myself to keep writing, no matter how much my brain is screaming "this sucks!" at me. Sometimes when I do that, I manage to write my way through the tough part and regain the spark of inspiration that I need to keep me going. Other times, I sit somewhere other than at the computer and brainstorm, writing ideas on index cards. I'll put down anything that comes into my mind, even if I'm not sure I'm going to use it. Sometimes that will get my creative juices going and push me past whatever's blocking me. As a last resort, I will often try brainstorming with another writer. That writer will probably not know enough about the book I'm writing to give me ideas I can use, but the exercise itself can sometimes help me get out of my own head and think of a better solution.

You now have 2 series under your belt and a new YA one that started in May. Which series was the most challenging to write? 

Each one was very challenging, for very different reasons. The Guardians of the Night series was very challenging because they were my first published books. Everything was new and intimidating, so I felt a lot of pressure working on them. The Morgan Kingsley books were challenging first because they were my first attempt to write in first person, and second because I really pushed myself to write outside my comfort zone. (Believe me, if you'd asked me before I wrote THE DEVIL INSIDE whether I'd ever write a book that included BDSM and M/M sex, I'd have laughed myself silly. But sometimes I write better when I'm uncomfortable, so I decided to risk it.) The YA series is difficult because I'm tackling some very personal issues in the series. My heroine's mother is an alcoholic, and writing about the role of an only child with a single, alcoholic mother hits very close to home with me. Although the series is complete fantasy, there are a lot of thinly veiled personal experiences I'm writing about, and that's both scary and emotionally draining.

I'm in love with your Morgan Kingsley series. Since Morgan's not your typical heroine(cool, laid back exorcist).
Where did you get the idea for her character?

I started out with the idea of an exorcist who was possessed, and then designed Morgan to be the kind of person who would most hate being in that situation. There's nothing like a big dose of conflict to make a book exciting, so that's why Morgan is such a control-freak and is so unwilling to share her thoughts and feelings--her personality makes it ever so much more difficult for her to deal with Lugh.

Which of your characters were the most fun to write?

My favorites so far have been Gabriel, who was the hero of my third romance, SHADOWS ON THE SOUL, and Raphael from the Morgan Kingsley books. Not coincidentally, they are both very dark characters who have to work their way toward redemption, and both of them had moments where they seemed unredeemable. Walking that tightrope between good and evil is one of my favorite things to do with my characters as a writer.

In May your first YA book Glimmerglass (Faeriewalker Book 1) was released. What inspired you to write in the YA genre?

I was partially inspired by the fact that I was reading (and loving) so much YA. However, most of the inspiration to write YA came from my desire to pick the right character to tell the story I wanted to tell. Because of some of the issues I wanted to deal with--and some of my own emotions I wanted to tap into for this story--it became obvious that my heroine should be a teen.

Could you give us an idea what to expect in the Faeriewalker series?

The story is about Dana Hathaway, a teen girl who gets fed up with her alcoholic mother and runs away to find her Fae father in Avalon, the only place in the world where the ordinary world and the world of Faerie intersect. When Dana gets to Avalon, she finds out she isn't just an ordinary half-Fae girl, but she's a Faeriewalker--someone who can travel freely in both worlds and who can bring technology into Faerie and magic into the ordinary world. She ran away looking for a more normal life, and instead she finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of Fae politics.

Which genre do you read most? (I can't ask which is your favorite because that's just mean!)

These days, I read mostly urban fantasy and YA fantasy. I also read some romance (paranormal and otherwise) sprinkled with suspense and fantasy novels. (In other words, I read in a lot of different genres, even if I do have a couple favorites.)

It's known that you love traveling and that you've traveled many places. Which destination was your favorite to visit so far?

I would have to say my favorite destination was Antarctica, mainly because going there was such an adventure. It's a place very few people have been, and it offers some of the most amazing unspoiled wilderness anywhere. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, and the journey was unforgettable.

The Devil's Playground was out in March. (Which was amazing!) How many books are planned for the Morgan Kingsley series?

THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND will be the final book in the series, although there will be at least one more Morgan Kingsley short story in an anthology that will come out sometime in 2011.

The Devil's Playground, coming 3/23/10
Glimmerglass, coming 5/25/10


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