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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Southern Witch *WINNER* by Kimberly Frost!

I'm sorry for such a wait to find out the winner of these 2 amazing books!

The winner of a signed copy of Would-Be Witch and Barely Bewitched is:

Kjarvala said... Hi! that is a realy interesting question.
i like the cohesiveness of the artistic style of all three, but my favorite is Halfway Hexked. the sweep and flow of the background is contrasted against the stillness of the People (Cats are people too just shorter,.... and a bit more furry)
the contrast of the strong purple against the darknes is not quites as strong as the first cover's read hair, but i feel the more somber darkness draws you in more in the therd cover. the detail in the dark areas is casusing your eye to meyander longer over the hole pictuer. the use of the open window gives a grater feeling of depth and again draws the eye into the cover and holds your attention longer.
this feels like it will be a vary sucsessfull cover. in that it will likely acheve both a cohesive feeling that this book is part of a serries, (alowing perviouse readers to find this new offering easily) as well as atract the new reader by captureing there attention and holding it long enuff for them to decide to pick up the book and have a look. a good cover artist can realy help intraduce a book to its potental audience.
so to recap my vote is for #3.
all for now dislexicly yours jan

Congratulations Kjarvala!!! 
I'll be emailing you after I post this. You have 48 hours to email me back, you I have to choose another winner. :/ 

Thank you everyone for entering and giving your opinions! 
And thank you Kimberly for the awesome interview/giveaway!


Cecile said...

Have a great weekend!

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