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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zombie Survey!

zombie survey

what's your favorite zombie movie?: Night of the Living Dead/Land of the Dead
if you were a zombie, what would you look like?: Girl in Black with greenish skin and crazy eyes

how bad would you look?: Bad ass!

what would be your favorite part of the body to eat?: Your Face Cheeks are supposed to be yummy!

are zombies brainless?: I'm not, that's for certian. But I'm no Bill Gates.

do you ever want to be an extra in a zombie movie?: Hell Yeah!

do zombies scare you?: Of corse, but I love em!

could we control zombies?: I don't know.. maybe on leashes, which would suck.

how would they take over the world?: By the non stop eating and carnage!

would you be one of the first to die if zombies took over the world?: Hopefully not. I'd kick ass for as long as possible!

would you lead everyone to safety or follow someone else?: Lead!

where would you hide out in a zombie attack?: Not a mall. That's for sure.

how would you have died if you became a zombie?: Over powered. By being attacked by more than one Zombie at a time.

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Survey found on Bzoink

Do it and post your answers for me!! :)


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