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Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview with C.E Murphy

According to friends, C.E. Murphy "is a thin veneer over a woman who is constantly moving and shaking. In between walking to Mordor and back, swimming, dancing, and attending Bon Jovi concerts, she squeezes out a book or two every three days." She disagrees. It takes her a minimum of six weeks to write a book, and usually it's more than that. Also according to friends, she began her writing career when she ran away from home at age five to write copy for the circus that had come to town. It is clear to her that she should let her friends write all of her biographies, because they're much more interesting that way.
Her own recollections suggest she began writing around age six, when she submitted three poems to a school publication. The teacher producing the magazine selected (inevitably) the one she thought was by far the worst, but also told her--a six year old kid--to keep writing, which she has. She has also held the usual grab-bag of jobs usually seen in an authorial biography, including public library volunteer (at ages 9 and 10; it's clear she was doomed to a career involving books), archival assistant, cannery worker, and web designer. Writing books is better, and she now has close to a dozen in print. In her down time, she writes comic books and is working on a screenplay, which may be why her editor and agent independently suggested she get a hobby that *wasn't* writing.
She was born and raised in Alaska, and now lives in her ancestral homeland of Ireland, which is a magical land where it rains a lot but winter never actually arrives.
 On to the Interview:
Hello Catie a.k.a C.E Murphy! Thank you for joining us today our interview!
Thank you for inviting me! :)

First off, summer is over and now we're into fall weather. Did you
accomplish everything you planned on for this summer?
This question actually made me laugh out loud for over a minute. I had
a baby in April. I haven't gotten much done this summer. :)

Your Negotiator series is one of my favorite series ever. It's
addicting, thrilling and action filled. Would you ever make a spin off of the series, maybe staring Malik, Janx or Daisani?
Mostly I'm doing short stories in the Old Races universe right now,
and many of them (like, uh, all) seem to feature Janx and Daisani. I
have one I need to write about Malik, one of these days...

I love everything supernatural. Although I love vampire and werewolf
novels, I was thrilled to read a story of gargoyles. I have always had
a love for gargoyles. (I have one on my step.) They are beautiful,
dark and protective. What made you decide on gargoyles?
Nobody else was writing them, and Alban made a good 'Beast' for a
Beauty and the Beast kind of story!

I love your Negotiator series male characters. Out of Alban, Malik,
Janx & Daisani, who did you enjoy writing most?
Oh, they all have their high points. Alban is so bloody noble, and
Malik is just a skeezeball. :) And Janx and Daisani, well. Who
couldn't love them?

Demon hunts was the fifth novel in the Walker Paper series. How many
books are planned for this series?
Nine! I'm delighted to announce that my publisher just bought the last
three books in the series, so the story will be completed over the
next few years!

Truth Seeker is the first book in The Worldwalker Duology series, and
was released August 31st past. Can you tell us a little of what to
expect in the second book Wayfinder? (Without giving too much away for
those who haven't read Truth Seeker.)
Dangerous quests, heartwrenching betrayal, and an earthquake in Boston. :)

Which of your series was the most challenging to write?
Oh, man. The Negotiator Trilogy was hands down the most difficult
thing I've ever written. Every book in that series underwent at least
one *complete* rewrite, and mostly underwent about five rewrites. It
was awful. But they turned out well. :)

Of all of your series, was there one that surprised you the most with
it's outcome?
Not really. I generally know where the story ends when I start. It's
getting all the details in between that's interesting.

All your books have great cover art, but I absolutely love Truth
Seekers cover. Who is your cover art designer?
Uh. *goes and looks in Truthseeker* Gene Mollica has done all my Del
Rey covers, I think, and David Stevenson did the design work on

When your not writing, or doing prep work for your books, what is your
favorite past time activity?
Photography, swimming, walks, reading--none of which I do enough of
except going on walks.

Okay, here's a few quickies:

Coffee or Tea? Neither! I don't really do caffeine. :)

Night or day? Day.

Vampires or Werewolves? Vampires.

Video games or board games? Neither, but board games in a pinch.

Swimming or skiing/snowboarding? Swimming, though if I ever live
somewhere with winter again I'm taking up cross country skiing.

Cats or Dogs? Both.

Potato chips or Chocolate? Chocolate (seriously, does anybody say
potato chips?).

Red or Blue? Blue.

Steak or Salad? Both.

Beer or Spirits? Neither, but spirits on the rare occasion I indulge.

Taken from CE Murphy`s website:


Assuming people are looking for the order in which to read books, rather than an exhaustive year-by-year display of what I’ve written when, here is my bibliography by series, in the correct reading order.
The Walker Papers:
WINTER MOON (anthology containing the novella “Banshee Cries”)
Rabbit Tricks” (online offering: short story)
SPIRIT DANCES (April 2011)
The Old Races Universe:
The Negotiator Trilogy:
Other stories
Five Card Draw” (online offering: short story)
“From Russia, With Love” (from the FANTASY MEDLEY anthology; sold out)
“Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight” (novella; sold out)
“Year of Miracles” (novella; not currently available for purchase)
“Perchance to Dream” (from the DRAGON’S LURE anthology)
The Inheritors’ Cycle:
The Worldwalker Duology:
The Strongbox Chronicles:
written as Cate Dermody
Short Stories & Other Things:
» “Cairn Dancer” (from THE PHANTOM QUEEN AWAKES anthology)
» “Blended” (from the RUNNING WITH THE PACK anthology)
» “Take A Chance” : 5 issue comic series
» “Glasslands
» “Previously, on Take A Chance…
» “Them Shoes
» “Ill Met by Moonlight
» “A Compendium of Kitlings


LLL Reviews said...

Hello Hello!=)

Congrats on your April baby!=) I know what it is like to have a baby (or two) and raise them in the Summer time. Hot as ever and even more uncomfortable for nursing. Anyhow, Congrats to you and yours on your newest addition to your Ohana!

I am so glad to have read your interview. Thanks to Tasha I have picked up a couple of your novels. I am a newish reader to the genre so I am trying to play catch up and hoping to get to the 'keep up' part but it's looking grim!=)
I do love all the covers!!

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looks nice, and interesting

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