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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not to happy with The Blood Bank anymore...

I'm not posting this to discourage anyone from signing up for the blood bank, but I found that it was not for me. I was a member for well over a year, and made many great new groups, most of which were sent to the authors to let them know, who checked them out as well. I wasn't aware that we weren't allowed to talk about our contests or blogs on it, and maybe I should have read the rules over but I felt as if I was singled out. I searched the groups and found many postings of fellow bloggers reviews and giveaways, there is even a group for giveaways and contests alone. And recently I was told not to talk about my interview of an author.
I'm not upset with the website, the website was good while it lasted, but I just feel that it's not for me anymore. I like to feel free to write what I want, which is why I blog! :)

Thanks for reading my rant!


jackie b central texas said...

I dropped my membership because it seemed that all of a sudden it became a really big deal about bloggers talking about contests, reviews and or anything else so decided to just say adios before I myself got singled out for posting things everyone seemed to be posting and nothing was said!

jackie ^_^

LovLivLife Reviews said...

I gotta admit that I read the policy when I first joined but I totally forgot later when I began my blog.
I sent out a PM to my friends about a guest post and giveaway I was having. Honest mistake. For some reason the Blood Bank stopped feeling like someones personal blog and more like an open discussion forum so I completely failed to recall the policies.
My apologies on that front because I should have recalled.
Anyhow, I got a reply PM from the site about not abusing it and that the PM was a warning, etc etc. Immediately I apologized and said I'd refrain from doing it.
Come several days later, my account is suspended and I had to write to the site asking for re-admittance. I was puzzled because I thought I was issued a warning and not the BOOT. Anyhow, I logged back on later when I was granted access and most everything I had in my profile was deleted. I was upset because like you I've been on there for over a year that I invested so much time into the Blood Bank.
I still have my account there but I kinda took a step back.

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