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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Review: The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

The Undead Next Door (Love At Stake, #4)The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

My rating:

Three signs that something is very different with your mew man:

1. He sleeps all day . . . which would be annoying except he's so attentive at night.

2. He's attacked by sword-wielding assailants, yet insists he can handle it on his own.

3. He never seems to age.

Heather Westfield has always lived a quiet life, but that all changes when she helps a very handsome, very mysterious stranger. There's something not quite right about Jean-Luc, but still, she's never been with a man so charming, so attractive . . . so wonderful. Now if only a murderous villain wasn't after them, they might get their happily-ever-after.

My Thoughts:
The Undead Next Door is the fourth installment the Love At Stake series by Kerrelyn Sparks. I recently picked up a copy of The Undead Next Door and The Secret Life of a Vampire, and loved both. If your a fan of Lynsay Sands, than this is the next series for you. It's mostly based on vampires finding their true love, and always having a difficult time wooing their girl/guy.
The Love At Stake series always guarantees a good laugh and a hot, light read.
I look forward to reading the next book in the series, "All I want for Christmas is a Vampire". Which is Ian's story for love. I cannot wait, he deserves it!

The Undead Next Door's heroine is Heather Westfield, a teacher/inspired fashion designer. She's a beautiful red head with green eyes and curves, if only she would think of them as curves and not fat. Jean-Luc, Mr. tall dark and handsome and the best fashion designer of all Paris opens up a shop in a small town in Texas, where he's decided to stay hidden for 25 years from the press. It's hard to make a living in the public eye when everyone notices that you never age. So Jean-Luc is destine to hide away until he can again present himself as his son, and start all over. But he doesn't want to be alone. And after seeing Heather Westfield, he hopes he won't be.

I really enjoyed this book. The banter between Heather and Jean-Luc was exciting, and fun to read. The secondary characters are always well written and a big part of the story. (which I like). Although you don't have to read the series in order, being as each book is a different love story, it's better that you do. Through each story, the previous characters are still a good part in the series, although not the focus point. I didn't read this series is order at first, and got along fine, so it's up to you. After you read a book from this series, you will be hooked to see who's story is next out of the group. Although it's nothing like J.R Ward's BDBH series, it does have the same aspect of finding a mate for each of the brothers, and finding a mate for each one of the friends/family in this series. So if you want a very light version of J.R Wards BDBH series, this is it!

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