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Monday, October 18, 2010

Annual Halloween Event: Favorite Monster- "The Bride"

The Bride Of Frankenstein

Production: Universal; black and white, running time: 76 minutes. Released May 1935.

It's been 75 years since The Bride Of Frankenstein (Elsa Lanchester) has been created. Happy 75th your beautiful monster!

1935 was the birth of the American Horror Film "The Bride of Frankenstein". If you read my blog, then you know I'm a fan of old movies, especially old horror movies. This one of a particular favorite of mine. It's about monster love. What's not to love about that? LOL
I'm also a huge fan of Frantenstein(1931), and the Bride is right up there with Frankenstein himself.

The Bride of Frankenstein

This movie is impressive for it's time. It has strong characters and dramatic lighting that set the mood just right.The production value must have been high, the sets were amazing for the day.  It was a huge hit for the horror genre, and continues to go strong. If your a horror buff then you should agree, The Bride of Frankenstein was extraordinary. The emotion is suprisengly real and believeable and I love the hit on comedy.

This is the perfect Halloween movie to sneak into your Halloween movie marathon. If you watched it before or never have, it's a great movie for this month. I wouldn't miss it if I were you!


I love her. She played "The Bride" so well!

Here's a famous clip from the movie... SHE'S ALIVE!!!


Have you ever seen "The Bride Of Frankenstein", or the original "Frankenstein"?


Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

I saw them along time ago but I read the original Frankenstein when I was 10... I loved it!!!

brandyzbooks @

Natasha said...

I haven't read the book:O I have to soon though! hehe

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