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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Annual Halloween Event: Favorite Witch- Garnet Lacey

Garnet Lacey is an amazing Witch. 

Cover art for TDD by Margarete Gockel, designed by Monica Benalcazar.

Have you read Tate Hallaways Garenet Lacey series yet? You bet your ass I did. I love it. There's five books in total with a Garnet Lacey short story "Fire and Ice and Linguine for Two" in the anthology, Many Bloody Returns.

Garnet is a kick ass witch. I love her style, personility and job. "manager of Mercury Crossing, Madison, Wisconsin’s premier occult bookstore and herb emporium where the employees are prime examples of witches without a clue." From book one I knew I'd love her, and I was not surprised that she is one of my favorite Witch's character ever. Along side of Garnet is Rachel Morgan, Tammy Jo Trask, and honeslty many, many more.

Who's your favorite Witch??


Garnet is witch, a book keeper, an amateur 
astrologer and now a wife.
 Her husband Sebastien is a keeper for sure.

 If you've read her books, then you know. ;)

This series is killer. You should NOT miss out! 

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