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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Annual Halloween Event: Halloween VS. Halloween

Halloween VS. Halloween

Halloween Movie Poster

Halloween Poster

Halloween II Poster

I LOVE Halloween. The Season, the movie. Everything. I don't know many who don't enjoy Halloween. 
If you read my blog, you know that I love horror movies, especially OLD Horror movies, and Halloween is no exception. I loved the original Halloween (1978) and also the new Halloween movie (2007) by Rob Zombie. If your a movie buff, then you probably agree, the original movie is always better. I still enjoy the remakes, but nothing beats the best. 

The 1978 movie was an independent horror film set in a fictional suburban town in Illinois, USA. Halloween would never be the same. 

I was reading Rosey's take on this and I have to agree. The original Michael had no feelings. He was a killing machine without a care in the world. The 2007 Michael may still be a killer, but he has feelings for his baby sister. A love for her and no one else. He doesn't know what to do when he feels that love, but Laurie is the only thing to make him stop and think, at least for a few minutes.  

The Many faces of Michael
Tyler Mane as Michael Myers in Halloween movie


I found this amazing list of all the Michaels on Watertown. 

Behind the mask of Michael Myers

Tony Moran (I)
Birth name
Anthony Moran
Brother of Erin Moran of "Happy Days" (1974) fame.

Birth name
Nicholas Charles Castle
Graduated from USC School of Cinema-Television (1970)
Son of Nick Castle
The Tom Atkins character Nick Castle in _The_Fog_(1980)_ was named after him.

Dick Warlock
The Shape
5' 9" (1.75 m)
Trade mark
Signs "The Shape H2" when signing autographs.
Father of actor Billy Warlock and Lance Warlock.
Was Kurt Russell's stunt-double for over 25 years.
Sold the mask, knife, scalpel, boots and suit he wore in his role as "The Shape" in _Halloween II (1981) to a Haunted House owner in Ohio in 2003_ .

Is the first, and only, "Michael Myers" to have an official website, out of all the people who have played "Michael Myers" in the "Halloween" films.
Uncle of J.D. Ligier, Brandon Hall and Teresa Crocker.

George P. Wilbur

Don Shanks

Height: 6'1"
Suit: 48L
Shoe: 11 1/2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Chris Durand

Brad Loree

(End from that website )

Next there was...
2007 Michael was played by Tyler Mane

Tyler Mane Picture

Daeg Faerch as Kid Michael (2007)

Daeg Faerch Picture

Chase Vanek as Kid Michael 2009Chase Wright Vanek Picture
These men (minus Kid Michael & Chase Vanek ) may not have shown there faces, but they will be in history as Michael forever. 

Who was your Favorite Michael?

We cannot forget the amazing Jamie Lee Curtis. 
Halloween wouldn't be the same without Jamie Lee, and she really did make each movie as Michaels sister more enticing and believable that anyone has ever proved to do. 

halloween Jamie Lee Curtis
No one could stop Jamie Lee. Only Michael....

Least favorite Halloween Movie:

Halloween Resurrection

Favorite Halloween Movie- It's a Tie!

Halloween 2007 & Halloween 1978
Halloween PosterHalloween (1978)

Top Halloween Movies 2010

For Rosey's post on Halloween VS. Halloween, click HERE.



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