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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Annual Halloween Event: Vampire Diaries- GUEST POST

This is a comparison between the TV SHOW Damon and the Book Series Damon by Christina 

I believe that Ian Somerhalder does and EXCELLENT job in portraying Damon in the TV series The Vampire Diaries. Damon tends to be a bruting, thoughtful vampire.  In the books you can tell there is more to him than the mean, uncaring vampire he tends to be. If you want to see the many sides of Damon and his interactions with Elena I would recommend reading  the series.  This is how I came to LOVE watching Damon on the TV screen.  I can tell what his face is trying to say and what he is trying NOT to say in person.  Don't get me wrong I love Stephan too, but Damon is so complicated that you want SOMEONE to crack his hard shell!  I Know that Damon Loves Elena and truly desires a friendship with her, on the show. In the books Damon wants Elena for his "princess of darkness".  I do not want to give to much away from the books, but believe me when I say that Ian Somerhalder plays Damon SPOT ON! Yes, the TV show is MUCH different than the books.  There is much changed from one to the other.  Both Can stand alone in their greatness, however the three main characters seem to compare very well between the book and the TV Show. Overall I just love Damon.  Yes he can be mean and unfeeling, but he does not think in the moment. I believe that Damon does not want to think and if he did stop and think he might find his feelings, which he does NOT want to do.  I say vote for Damon and The Vampire Diaries in the People's Choice awards!  I can't wait for this weeks show, it is going to be good! 


Great Post Christina! Thank you!


Jessica said...

I have to agree with you. Damon is unbelievable! I love him. Ian is perfect because he has that smoldering look that's hot, annoying, mysterious and a little frightening all at once. He is the perfect Damon! Really I couldn't think of a better guy to play him.

And while there is a vast difference between show and book, Damon comes across rather the same. Like you said, in the books we get to see a different side to him, the recent ones anyway, and some of that is vaguely reflected in his TV character.

Anonymous said...

great blog

Christina said...

Thank you for your comment. this was the first time writting something. I wanted to compare more but I know not many have read the books and did not want to spoil it. I love comparing the two.

Rosey said...

I like me some Damon LOL ;)

Madeleine said...

I personally love Damon! If I were Elena, I would chose to be with him right away.. This is a great blog! Good job :)

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