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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Extravaganza : Favorite ghost related T.V. show - Ghost Hunters

Ghost hunters, also know as TAPS is my favorite ghost related show for many reasons. First off, the legend. I'm a sucker for spooky legends and this show does not disappoint when it comes to good ghost stories. TAPS travels all over to determine if a location is in fact haunted or just creepy and no matter if it's fact or fiction, you're in for a good ghost story.

Next up is the history, many of the locations are "haunted" by actual persons of history. I recently watched an episode where the house was supposedly haunted by Betsy Ross herself. She was the lady who sewed the American flag together in 1773 / 1775 and one of my favorite "persons in history" would be "I'm not guilty" which is the episode about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. John Wilks boots found their way to Dr. Mudd's house right after he assassinated president Lincoln. Dr. Mudd was also convicted of conspiracy and went to jail, it's believed that they still see Dr. Mudd.  They were only two fascinating episodes and there are many many more.

Next up is the cast. I really enjoyed the TAPS cast, the two main guys are Grant and Jason, the next pair is Steve and Dave/Tango and the female pair is Chris and Amy. My favorite pair would have to be Steve and Tango. They're funny together and they usually act a bit less serious than the rest, each cast member works well with each other and have great chemistry. It makes watching the show easy and enjoyable (Steve and Tango also have a show of their own called Ghost Hunters Academy, I haven't yet watched it but I'll be looking into it ASAP. I have a feeling I'll really like it.

Last are my thoughts on if this show is legit or not. Honestly, I can't believe everything I watch on this show, but I don't believe it to be 100% fake either. I know they may have to exaggerate for entertainment but I doubt it's all fake. Many of their clients are are respectable citizens which I doubt would go on the show if it were 100% fake. The clients want answers and Grant, Jason and the team are there to provide the with just that. Grant and Jason are also skeptics and try to debunk most theories. I do believe that this show can be legit most times. Now, would I be scared if I were them at theses particular locations? Hell yes, but I'd love every minute of it. In fact I'd love to go on a ghost hunt one day.

*Pound it* (anyone who watches this show knows what that means)

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Jessica said...

My favorite is probably Haunted History even though it's no longer on. I don't like too many of the reality ones because the cameras drive me insane. They move around too much and then that darn green light, it just makes it hard to see what they're seeing.

Another show I used to like and watch was Scariest Places on Earth. That one wasn't too bad!

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