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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween extravaganza - Favorite Creatures -A Look at Vampires

A Look At Vampire

Vampire definition on Wikipedia:
Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures and in spite of speculation by literary historian Brian Frost that the "belief in vampires and bloodsucking demons is as old as man himself", and may go back to "prehistoric times",[7] the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe,[8] although local variants were also known by different names, such as vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually 
being staked and people being accused of vampirism.While even folkloric vampires of the Balkans and Eastern Europe had a wide range of appearance ranging from nearly human to bloated rotting corpses, it was the success of John Polidori's 1819 novella The Vampyre that established the archetype of charismatic and sophisticated vampire; it is arguably the most influential vampire work of the early 19th century,[9] inspiring such works as Varney the Vampire and eventually Dracula.[10] However, it is Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula that is remembered as the quintessential vampire novel and which provided the basis of modern vampire fiction. Dracula drew on earlier mythologies of werewolves and similar legendary demons and "was to voice the anxieties of an age", and the "fears of late Victorian patriarchy".[11] The success of this book spawned a distinctive vampire genre, still popular in the 21st century, with books, films, video games, and television shows. The vampire is such a dominant figure in the horror genre that literary historian Susan Sellers places the current vampire myth in the "comparative safety of nightmare fantasy".

The legends of Vampires have been around for thousands of years. Older legends were repugnant creatures of the night, blood suckers who will kill any human in their path. The newer legends also have those types of vampires, but the last so many years have made vampires a huge part of our culture, now more as a more seductive creature who will drink your blood, but keep you alive.(most times that is...) 
Vampires are everywhere in our culture now. Vampire movies, tv series, many, many books and even play roles in comericals and campine ads. It's hard to look at a book or movie store without seeing a vampire.  

I've been a fan of all things supernatural for years, and I can honestly say I'm a Vampire lover. I love all things Vampire, no matter how over used it can get. Vampires are strong, smart, evolved, attractive and interesting. What's not to love about that? 

Interview With the Vampire

Interview with a Vampire. One of the best vampire movies ever. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt as vampires? Hot. Hot. Hot. I was young watching this for the first time, but I loved it even then. 

Underworld Evolution
Another favorite and popular vampire movie is the Underworld movies. 

Buffy The Vampire Slayer is one of the most popular Vampire television series ever. It was on tv from 1997 to 2003. 

Vampire Diaries is my new favorite Vampire show. The cast is amazing, and the plot is interesting and accelerating. I can't help but want more. 

True Blood is another favorite of mine. I love Eric ;)

                                                                                    A Classic! 

There`s different types of vampires.. Here`s a list:

Mythical vampires
Psychotic vampires
Animal vampires
Human Living Vampires
Psychic vampires
Blood Fetishists
Vampire gamers
Vampire hunters
Vampiric community
Medical vampires
To all you Vampire fans out there.. Whats your favorite Vampire Movie/Show or Book? Are you a fan of the original Vampires or the new a sexy improved Vampires?

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Jessica said...

OMG! I LOVED Moonlight! Wished it hadn't been canceled. Especially with a minor cliffhanger! Devastating!!

And of course Vampire Diaries and Buffy are my faves too! And Lost Boys! Only ever saw the first, none of the newly made sequels.

And Bram Stoker's original Dracula with Bela Lugosi!

But yeah, vampires were my firs fave. Read Amelia Atwater Rhodes vampire books in 7th grade and the obsession began and by high school my friends called me vampire girl. And now the traitors got hooked on Twilight!

Natasha said...

I wish Moonlight never ended as well! It was a great show!

I love Bela Lugosi!!!

And although I have watched the Twilight movies, I`m more of a fan of the books. But for vampire genre, they are not so great, they are way better off as romances. The romance is good, the vampire aspect is lacking. But I can`t say I hate the movies, I`ve watched them, and liked them.. but books are better. If I had to choose one or the other!

♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

I wonder where the Vamps for the Kate Daniels series would fall into. I really dont like those vamps!!

I think I more so like the Human Living Kind or the ones as close to humanity as possible.

jackie b central texas said...

If I had to pick my favorite Vampire character from a book and or a movie it would be the Vampire Armand who figured in Anne Rice's book Interview With A Vampire and also his own book The Vampire Armand.. He was portrayed in the movie with Cruise and Pitt by Latin Heartthrob Antonio Banderas and to this day he is one of my faves in the "sensual" creature of the night characterizations... His smoldering eyes and that wonderful sexy accent still get to me when see him even in a TV commercial!!

Nowadays favorite is of course Damon from Vampire Diaries tv series!

jackie ^_^

Natasha said...

I loveee Damian. I agree, he's my favorite new vampire;) hehe

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