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Friday, October 8, 2010

Halloween Extravaganza- Unholy Ghosts GUEST POST Review

Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane Guest Review by Chasity @ LLL Reviews 

"Unholy Ghosts definitely holds its own in the Urban Fantasy world with its grittiness.  Personally, I enjoyed the power Stacia Kane has given to the ghosts.  They are not your normal run of the mill ghosts whispering "wOooOoO" in your left ear. Nope, they can wield weapons and kill.  Stacia's ghosts can clear a room easily.

If Mystery and Magic were to be made into a cocktail for readers the result would be Unholy Ghosts.  The plot is fluid.  I read this novel with ease.  Although, I am not much a fan of the heroine, Chess.  I suspect that as I continue the series I will be.  Chess is normally the kind of character I love- she has a complicated and painful backdrop but she indulges in drugs and cigarettes which are things I have a very difficult time dealing with in the character I want to get lost in.  I do suspect that she will be a heroine I will love in the next installments- she certainly has room to grow and that appeals to me as a reader.

Life is quite different in Unholy Ghosts.  Chronology of time is now seen as Before Truth and After Truth in place of AD and BC.  The big event that occurred in 1997 killed many unsuspecting people and from them on is known as After Truth.  Churches and religions of varied faiths are non existent.  What remains is abandoned structures and  The Church of Truth-who believe that facts are truth.  The Church of Truth is the big dog and runs the show.  Ghosts have proven to be lethal and the Church has proven a reformer.  despite having The church of Truth at the head of things, the streets are infested with all kinds of hardships.  Taking all the above and more create a great setting for an Urban Fantasy.

The secondary characters have their own grit and contribute an extra edge to this UF novel.  Terrible and Lex both attract Chess but between the two Terrible stole the show.  When Terrible first entered the scene he was given an ugly profile but as the novel carried on I (and Chess) was impressed by him.  Terrible is an enforcer and feared by many but he quickly shows there is more to him.  Personally, I am smitten with his character and I look forward to having his presence in the next installment.  It's not every day that I read of a love interest that not quick to wet the panties. LOL- Yes, I just said that but it's true.  Most male leads are to hot for their own damn good but Terrible is clearly the unlikely double take.  Moving on, I am not sure how much Terrible will play a role in the series but I can hope, can't I?

Unholy Ghosts will certainly entertain those who love darker Urban Fantasy.  Many of the scenes Chess works her magic I found gross and brilliant, simultaneously.  Stacia's writing is brilliant and the scenarios are written with distinct clarity. "

 What a great review Chas! Thank you. :)
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