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Monday, October 4, 2010

I need advice!

I'm stuck. I love writing. I do it almost daily, but I've never finished a full story that I can say is usable. *shrugs* I have many little writings, but nothing too concrete. I find my mind is always thinking of new ideas, that eventually get me confused on what to write next. My goal is to write a short story that I can be proud of by next year. I'm giving myself a year, because I know I'm a huge procrastinator. Not to mention, I tend to get side tracked.
I need advice on how to set my writing to one topic. I'm all about the research, I love researching and can get lost in history, so that's not a problem. I also love making character scenes up. I can make a conversation scene up at any moment, honestly. It's the characters and topic I need help with.
I love writing in the Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy and YA genres.
I just need some help with...

How do I choose one topic, and stick with it?
How do I write something desirable to someone other than myself?
What's your advice in writing, and it's process?


Rosey said...

I'm in the same boat! I have 4 things going at once and it just got too much so I had to step back and just focus on one book at a time. Also I like to outline my chapters somewhat or at least an outline of stuff I know I want in the book and then just see where it goes.

As for writing something desirable...I don't worry about that yet. Just do it and get it done first. :)

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

I'm not professional writer but I have some ideas.
Pick the idea you love the most and know the most about. They say write what you know. So which idea have you done the most research on and feel that your fluent in.
Write something that is desirable to yourself. There are going to be others out there that like the same thing you do. Write a book you would want to read. I hear lots of authors start out writing a book that they would really enjoy reading.
I hope this helps. I'm no expert. lol

Natasha said...

Thanks guys, it really helps! I think I may be on to an idea I enjoy, but I still have a lot to do before I get started. ha ha! Thanks again! Also, I'll still up for any more knowledge from anyone who wants to throw their two cents in! hehe

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