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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Interview & GIVEAWAY with Elle Jasper!

Elle Jasper spent her youth buried in the pages of Mary Shelly, Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, and Stephen King. Growing up on the salt marshes of Savannah, Georgia, she was always fascinated by the city’s ancient cobblestones, eerie church spires and Gothic Revival architect—as well as the dark, not-so-publicized side of Savannah, both steeped in tumultuous history. After an education at Armstrong Atlantic University, she forged her love of Gothic literature with an active imagination to pen her own stories. She is now a full time writer and lives amidst the moss and shadows of Savannah.

"Taken from Elle Jasper's Website"

Hi Elle! Thank you for joining me today!
Thanks for having me! Always a blast doing interviews! 

I'm super excited for the Dark Ink Chronicles. (In my head I called it,'the Mystery Ink Chronicles'- twice, but that's just because I'm a Scoopy Doo Fan.) 

I'm excited, too! Just weeks away from release now! November 2ond and Afterlight will hit the shelves! Woop!

First off, Sadly, Summer has come to and end.. Did you accomplish everything planned for this summer? 

Yes and no. I did manage to write books one and two of The Dark Ink Chronicles (Book One, Afterlight, and Book Two, Everdark--that one's due to release June 2011). But I did have plans to also start a Young Adult romance, and haven't made it there yet. Two outta three ain't bad though!

Afterlight is your first published book. Am I right? Are you proud of it's outcome?

 Okay, so here's the fun part: I get to ue the word CLANDESTINE. Ha! In other words, I have a big fat SECRET that I cannot share with everyone UNTIL Afterlight releases.  Afterlight is not my first published work. Let's just say that once Afterlighthits the shelves, I'll SHARE my big fat SECRET! As far as the outcome of Afterlight? Hell yeah, I'm proud of it! I love, LOVE my heroine, Riley. She is so fun to write. She barely has a filter, is kick-ass, lives by her own rules, doesn't give a @#$%&* what people think of her, and when she loves, she loves entirely. Which is why my delumptious hero, ELI, deserves her. I wrote Afterlight with the inspiration of the 80's cult classic movie, THE LOST BOYS, in mind, so lots of fun and spooky nights! Plus, it was a kick in the pants writing about my home town of Savannah, so hopefully readers will enjoy it as much as I do.

Have you got an idea of how many books will be published in the Dark Ink Chronicles? 

So far, three. Book One, Afterlight; Book Two, Everdark; Book Three, Eventide. It all depends on how well the first three books sell--really the FIRST book sells, as to whether or not the Chronicles will continue. I introduce a lot of characters and have many ideas to go with, but again--it depends on pre-orders. So PRE-ORDER, folks! (shameless promotion--a trait I have in common with my heroine, Riley!). 

The first thing I noticed about this series was the beautiful cover art. Who does your covers? 

Thank you! Yeah, it's fantastic--exactly how I imagined it! my publisher, NAL, has its own art department and the fabuloso Oceana Gotlieb created my art for The Dark Ink Chronicles. We have a "cover conference" that I get to add my input into via email with my editor, including pics, descriptions, etc. Oceana nailed this cover on the nose. I changed NOTHING. Love love love it!

Riley Poe leads the series as a gritty, unconventional tattoo artist-turned-undead-slayer"
. What a great idea for a heroine. Was Riley Poe's Character a product of your imagination? Or did you base her on a non-fictional character? (As non-fiction as you could with a undead slayer..) Again, yes and no. I was inspired by a specific facet of Riley's character by a friend I had a long time ago. That one facet led to the birth of Riley. I was inspired by many women, including Kat Von D, but eventually Riley took on her own persona as I wrote. You can find a full bio on Riley, and her hero, Eli, on my website. Check under Extras, My Characters, and below their gorgeous digital portraits you'll see a link that reads Learn About Me Here. 

I love tattoos. I'm very excited to read about a tattoo artist as well. Do you, have any tattoos? 
Ha! I DO! Got it when I turned 30 (much to the hubby's dismay!). I'm about to get it covered up with something else, though, and I'm thinking of Podcasting the whole event. I'll let ya know! But yeah--I think tattoos are awesome.

Every great Urban Fantasy has a sexy male character. Your hunk hero is named Eli Dupré. Is he one that will keep us up at night? 
LOL, I hope so! He's a perfect match for Riley, and he has equally fun and exciting siblings, as well. There's something about Eli that draws Riley, and she's not too happy about it at first. After the horrible thing that happened to her in hr past, she likes control! Eli totally makes her lose control. :) 

I'm all about the supernatural. Have you always been a supernatural, night creatures and things that go bump in the night kind of gal?
Definitely. I love Bram Stoker's Dracula; I love any and all ghost shows, ghost stories, spookie dookie anything! 

Define your target audience? 
Anyone who has an open mind to a modern-day, gritty tough woman and her world. She tells it like it is, and doesn't always use sweet language to convey her point. :) If you like suspense, vampires (scary and hot ones!), a bite of eroticism, and action, you'll enjoy Afterlight. Young Adults, Paranormal lovers, vampire lovers, I think most will find something they really dig about the Dark Ink Chronicles!

Here's a few quickies:

Vampires or Werewolves? Um, yes and yes. Haha!  like em both!

Night or Day? That all depends on what I'm doing

Coke or Pepsi? Goin' with Coke here.

Potato Chips or Chocolate? ACK! Can't I mix them? 

Apples or Oranges? Oranges

Cats or Dogs? I do love Mr. Bigglesworth...

Mac or Windows? As long as it's running...okay, Windows. I'm not very computery.

Favorite song of the moment? Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (and I TOTALLY love her fiance, Russell Brand. Crazy guy!)

Favorite book/series of the moment? Presently reading Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Excellento!

Are you sick of me yet? Negative! Thanks so much for having me here, and I hope all who buys Afterlight totally digs it! Visit me on my website at, drop me a line, and make sure and check out my characters! I'll also be running some contests soon, so stop by! Peace out!

Now, on to the giveaway! 
Elle was kind enough to give two SIGNED copies of Afterlight up for giveaway! 
There will be 2 winners. 

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The contest ends October 31st! 

Good luck!


Michelle Greathouse said...

I love the whole concept of Afterlight and can't wait to read it. :)

I have two tattoos. A small purple flower just above my left breast and the Chinese symbols for family on the back of my neck.

kweenmg at yahoo dot com

debbie said...

I would get a childs hand holding a very young kitten. (it would symbolize my son, and my very special cat). I would love to read this book, it sounds really good. I am a gfc follower.
[email protected]

elaing8 said...

Great interview.I'm really looking forward to reading Afterlight.
If I were to get a tattoo it would probably either be a broken halo :) or a dragonfly and it would be very small..less pain involved in getting it the better.


Extra Entries
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+2 tweeted
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buddyt said...

I am a Follower.

I already have a tattoo of a Black Widow spider on my left shoulder.

If the giveaway is open worldwide, please enter me. Thanks.

Carol T

buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

Add entries = +2

Edna said...

I'm not really a tattoo person but if I were to get one, I'd like a tiny butterfly on my ankle or wrist.

+1 Follower
Add entries = 2

nalynboni AT gmail DOT com

Bethany C. said...

I'm really looking forward to this book. I have a few tattoos, mostly Wiccan runes (for protection, good fortune, eternity) and a sun/moon on my left arm. I also have the Cherokee word for 'my heart' tattooed on my chest, and a wheel of all the signs of the zodiac and their ruling planets on my back (under my neck, not a tramp stamp!)
I'm a public gfc follower +1
follow you on twitter (bcardoo79) +2
follow Elle on twitter +2
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subscriber +2
adding +1 =13

Jasmine1485 said...

I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 :) I have two tattoos, on the inside of my wrists, one is an ankh and the other is an eye of Horus (otherwise known as eye of Ra).

Extra Entries:
I'm following AGreatBook on Twitter +2
I'm following ElleJasper1 on Twitter +2
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Total = 7

Kulsuma said...

I follow through GFC. I would get a rose between my shoulder blades.


Total entries= 2

Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

Hi. I have always wanted a cross with like a aura around it and thorny roses at the base and what looks like light shining down on my shoulder blade.

I am a follower Brandlwyne aka Brandy B
+4 I follow you & Elle on Twitter @Brandlwyne
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==18 points

-Brandy B aka Brandlwyne
brandyzbooks @ yahoo (dot) com

Brandlwyne aka Brandy B said...

Sorry I ended up bloging on the Book Blogger hop instead of the Cat one... it wouldn't let me comment on the cat video :(


mersagr said...

hi nice inerviwe
i will have a black fairy in a lake or a butterfly in two years fron now
+2 follow you on twitter as @mersagr
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total 17

yllektra (force-oblique) said...

If you were to get a tattoo, which one would you choose? And if you already have a tattoo, which one/ones do you have?
I don;t have any tattoos yet, apparently I'm too chicken, but if I get one I think it would be either the Chinese symbol for "Empathy", because I think it is important to always sympathize and have compassion, or it would be
angel wings on my back or at the back of my ankle.

I'm a follower as Kelly aka yllektra
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vickyvak said...

I don't have a tattoo yet but I want a fairy or a flower on my loer back or the right side of my stomach!

GFC follower
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Total: 12


Enter me only if the giveaway is international!

Misha1989 said...

I would love to enter if this is International. Thank you!
I am a follower.
I want to get a tattoo of a pixie!

+2 Follow me on [email protected]_1989
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+1 add them up yourself - 11

[email protected]

Donna said...

Another wonderful interview. I would love to win a copy of this, Elle had me at Savannah! I love UF novels that are based in the south and Savannah is such a beautiful area with so much history. I can't wait to read this one.

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Donna said...

Answer to question - I've always wanted to get a tattoo but I would need to find one that held some kind of special meaning for me and I have yet to find that perfect one for myself and I'm not sure yet what it would be.

FairyWhispers said...

I'll choose a moth

+3 commented on your interview with C.E Murphy

+1 tally all

4 points

[email protected]

KindleObsessed said...

Hey Love,

I already have 1 tattoo (the infamous tramp stamp *eek) but I would really like to get the shoulder/neck tattoo that Zoey from "The House of Night" series has. I believe in "elementals" and having their representation on my body in a beautiful way would make me happy. Unfortunately, my boss and husband disagree. I have to admit... it's a rather large tattoo. :)

[email protected]

+2 Follow me on [email protected]
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= 5 cheers!

T.V and Book Addict said...

I don't know what I would get. I've thought about this before haha I just know I would want something unique

already a follower

Annabelle said...

Hmmm... well I'm obsessed with French at the moment so maybe I'd get a tattoo with a French word or phrase that means something to me...Or...I loved the idea of getting maybe a butterfly tattoo or mini wings tattooed on my shoulder/back area (not too looks nice in my mind but it might not work hahah...)

I am a follower.


Meredith said...

Hard question--maybe a little heart on my rear end.

meredithfl at gmail dot com

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Annie said...

I have a little star on my back.

Sign me in!


Sharli said...

I'd love to read this! I want to get three birds on my wrist but I haven't really made uo my mind yet :P

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Count me in only of it's international, please!
entrelibros_blog at

Beleth said...

Im dying to read this book and i absolutely love the cover :3

I love tatoos but im not brave enough to have one (and i hate needles), but if i had to pick one drawing it would be bats! any kind of bats, flying in my back, over my shoulder... something like it~

+2 I Follow you on Twitter (@beleth22)
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+1 adding...


battyaboutbats at

donnas said...

I dont have one. But I have thought of it, just havent really gotten the right idea yet. Ive though about hearts, comedy/tragedy masks, cats. But just havent hit on the right one yet.

+2 follow on twitter - @donnas1
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bacchus76 at myself dot com

Lucy said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Please enter me in the contest.

I have a tattoo between my shoulderblades, it's a Reiki sign.

+2 Follow me on [email protected]

+2 Follow Elle on Twitter- @ElleJasper1

+2 Tweet!/Lucy73/status/29304511637

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Stephmartin71 said...

If I could have a tottoo & get past the whole needles thing, I'd probably be marked from head to toe by now. I love tattoos, especially when they are the right size & coloring to the area they are in. If I could have one it would be a anklet braclet, like thorned and intersected with small charms & lil red roses. Simple but detailed. This is a great post & question. I love the cover on this book but this is the first time I'm hearing about it.
I am a GFC Follower & Newsletter Subscriber & I am going to go post on Adrain Phoenix's interview next ;) Happy Halloween.

Cherry said...

Q: If you were to get a tattoo, which one would you choose? And if you already have a tattoo, which one/ones do you have?

A: I will have a dragon tattoo... because I love dragons... and it'll feel like a "simi" tattoo :)

My GFC name is Cherry.

+2 I follow you at Twitter. My Twitter handle is @cherrymischivus.
+2 Also follow Elle on Twitter.
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- Nat, where did you put your email subscription button/form? Would subscribe to you via email if I could find it :)

Cherry Mischievous
cherrymischif-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

Spav said...

If I had to choose a tattoo I would pick a moon and maybe a couple of stars.

+2 Twitter follower: (@Sparima)
+2 Elle's Twitter follower: (@Sparima)

+1 Total: 5 entries


sablelexi said...

I've always thought I'd like to get a tattoo that would be a bracelet & ring combo that was a rose complete with thorns.

+2 Follow me on [email protected]
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+1 total = 5 entries

jlynettes @ hotmail . com

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