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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Interview with Garnet Lacey!

Interview with Garnet Lacey of Tate Hallaways's Garnet Lacey series! 

Welcome Garnet! Thanks for stopping by!

So Garnet, tell us a little about yourself?

Um, okay, well, let’s see… I manage a bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin called Mercury Crossing.  We’re right on State Street, you should stop by! We’re hard to miss.  Just turn in when you smell the incense!

Otherwise, I don’t know.  I grew up on an organic egg farm in Finlayson, Minnesota, with my hippie parents, went to school at the U of M in Minneapolis, and then moved to Madison… uh, kind of suddenly.

Oh, and I’m a Witch.

So how does it feel to be married to the handsome Sebastian?

Okay, so I should say “Fabulous!” here with a squeal, but, we’ve had kind of a rough start what with all the zombie ex-wives and Vatican Witch hunters, Illuminati, frost giants and… erm, I mean: it’s FABULOUS!!

Describe your daily routine for me, please. A day in the life of Garnet, if you will.

Oh boy.

Well, usually waking up is pretty uneventful – except for the fact that, for some unfathomable reason, when Sebastian’s in a deep sleep his body returns to the position he died in, and let me tell you, he looks like he was run through with a pike or something.  It’s kind of creepy… and sad.  I’m usually moved to give him a little peck on the cheek.

And then, lately, I have to fight for time in the bathroom because Mátyás -- Sebastian’s half-vamp… uh, son --  has been sleeping on our couch again since breaking up with my friend Izzy.  Bright Goddess, that guy spends more time in the bathroom than any girl I have ever known!  And then he comes out looking like he just rolled out of bed…. I guess it’s a studied look.    At this point he usually makes some kind of rude comment about me, his father, and the house ghost Benjamin, or my cat, Barney, who has taken a liking to him and brings him dead mice from the barn in the middle of the night.

If it’s nice, I sometimes ride my bike into town, even though Sebastian’s farm – oops, I mean “our” farm (still getting used to this married thing, sorry!) – is a couple of miles from downtown Madison. 
Most days, I manage to get to Madison proper without running into a werewolf or a Native American skin walker.  I park my bike behind the shop, and stop into to see my friend Izzy who is the barista/manager of the Holy Grounds, the coffee shop that’s adjacent to Mercury Crossing.  Izzy makes an awesome honeyed-latte and we talk about how Mátyás is a jerk. At some point, I decide I have to get started opening up the store.

I won’t bore you with all the details of running a bookstore, because most of my day is about filling book orders, paying rent and other bills, doing inventory, and dusting... with all the baubles we carry, I spend half my day cleaning crystals and polishing silver ankhs and such.  William and I usually do get some time to catch up on the local gossip, and I find out which religion he’s practicing currently.  I think he’s Zen Buddhist right now, though maybe that was last week.

Sebastian sometimes stops by for lunch, and, you know, unless zombie hockey players jump out of the woodwork, the day kind of proceeds apace. 

What’s your sign?

I’m a Gemini, Aquarius rising, Libra Moon.  Very airy.  Can you tell?

Are you a coffee or a Tea kind of gal?

Coffee.  Sebastian is the tea drinker, something about being educated in Britain, I guess. 

How would you describe your favorite outfit?

Black!  Sparkly!  Black and sparkly!

Besides the love of your life, would you describe Parrish as your best friend?

Oh, um, Parrish?  Am I blushing?  Uh… Parrish is… complicated.  Best friend?  I don’t think I’d call him my best friend. My best friend is someone like William or Izzy….  Best friends aren’t… dangerous.  Or sexy.

No, Parrish is something all together different

I love your kitty familiar, Barney. How did you end up having her as a pet?

Oh, well, like all good familiars Barney found me.  One day when I was still living in Minneapolis, I came downstairs to get the paper, and there she was.  She looked up at me, sneezed, and walked in like she owned the place. 

I thought she must belong to someone so I put up fliers all over the neighborhood, but no one ever claimed her.  And, after a while, she told me to take down all the signs, because she’d been waiting for me.

If your had to describe Goddess Lilith in 3 words, what what you choose?

Scary.  Scary.  Scary.

What do you think about zombies?

Ah!  I hate zombies!  They’re always showing up at the store!  And their money is all-maggoty, like, literally.

Would you say witchcraft is like a drug?

Uh… totally.  Have you tried it?
 Thanks for letting us get to know you much better. You rock!
I do?  Uh, you're welcome, but say... how did you know all this stuff about me anyway??

Ha Ha! Thanks for stopping by Garnet, your a hoot! Also, thanks Tate Hallaway:) 

Check it out! You will NOT regret it.;)


♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Tate is on my TBR list!!!=)

Hmmm, dare i say that I am intrigue by this Parrish. Dangerous and sexy! YUM!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. Garnet! Thanks for this. :)

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